Liga MX: will first and second division disappear?

Silver League teams have expressed their dissatisfaction with this measure

Exposure to dim light can impair learning ability

The environment affects the brain structure responsible of storing and processing information

The two faces of Real Madrid: Champions League vs La Liga Santander

Why does the Madrid team perform so differently in these two leagues?

What is the fate of James Rodriguez?

Various international media publications indicate that there are three teams interested in having the midfielder in their payroll

How are new technologies influencing healthcare?

These inventions and new strategies are changing the way we perceive treatment

What are some healthy habits for your brain?

A long and healthy life can stem from incorporating some of these habits into your routine 

Can being bullied by siblings cause psychiatric disorders?

According to a new study, children who experience bullying from their brothers and sisters are three times more likely to develop these disorders

What does the Universe looks like?

A group of astrophysicists have used the Hazel Hen machine, Germany's fastest mainframe computer, to create the most detailed simulation ever of the entire universe

The NFL is back

American football teams are already preparing for the 2018-2019 season

Miami FC: The MLS South American team

The city will have a new team that will move the Latino fans

Stay at the Allianz Arena to watch James or Vidal play

The hotel chain Courtyard by Marriott became a partner of Bayern Munich

Who are the Latin American goalkeepers references?

Allison, Fernando Muslera, Pedro Gallese, Sergio Romero, and Keylor Navas stand out in the soccer goal zone of the teams they represent


Napoli and the pursuit of a dream

The southern Italian team has had a hard struggle to get back to lift the 'Scudetto' after 28 years

A woman drinking coffee

10 tweaks to your morning routine for better days

Here are 10 morning habits that will transform your entire day, leaving you with lasting energy 

Chile's Marble Cathedral: your next adventure

In Chilean Patagonia, hides a treasure of giant rocky veins sculpted in marble, surrounded by lakes and volcanoes

Will Yerri Mina be an importat piece in FC Barcelona?

The Colombian player could get more minutes in the next and decisive clashes of the Catalan team

Are low levels of alcohol good for the brain?

New research from the University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that a glass of wine after work may be good for your brain

Sky: a story of triumphs flavored with doubts

Cycling team doctor confirmed that he used intravenous recovery injections


Alzheimer: Brain implant could improve cognitive function

According to the WHO, globally more than 50 million suffer this disease, and 10 million new cases appear every year

Federer to the top!

The Swiss tennis player could return to the first place of the ATP if he advances to the semifinals of Rotterdam


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