Latin American opportunities abound, according to top investment fund

"If you are seeking returns, go LatAm," Javier Montero, a fund manager with Moneda Asset Management SA

Brazilian government promotes investment in ports

President Michel Temer announced a series of measures Wednesday to encourage domestic and foreign investment in Brazil’s ports

The long road between the AIIB and Latin America

In an interview with Laurel Ostfield, Head of Communication and Development of the AIIB, we reviewed the plans of the bank.

Capital keeps flowing into Latin America

Latin America – and South America, in particular – has been in crisis for years. Yet foreign capital, both direct and financial investment, has continued to flow into the region.

China keeps an eye on Latin America: Peru and Venezuela sign into the AIIB

The recent signing of Peru and Venezuela to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is just another action that shows why China could lead the economic integration in the years to come

Investors more optimistic about Brazil’s Petrobras in 2017

In addition to US$4 billion secured in new bonds, company received US$5 billion financing from China Development Bank and finalized sale of Chilean subsidiary.

Uruguay looks for backers for ambitious infrastructure plan

In his current two-week visit to Europe, Uruguayan President Tabare Vasquez will look to persuade investors into his $12 billion roads and railways plan.

Cuba is reaching out to the world for foreign investors

For $2.5 million, a foreign investor can help create an international equestrian club in the Province of Havana or plunk down $10 million to create a network of eco-lodges across the island with a Cuban partner.

Oil giant Shell announces R$10 Billion in investments in Brazil

The recent approval to end Petrobras participation requirements is seen as opening opportunities for new players to enter the Brazilian petroleum market.

Big money flows into Peru’s energy sector

Despite a global trend to slow down fossil fuel investment, private companies in Peru are enthused to enter the market with big capital. Natural gas represents the biggest shares.

Venture capitalists should not brush LatAm aside

With high-profile startups around the region and political stability on the rise, perhaps LatAm has nothing left to prove to investors.

Russia energy investments, multi-sector cooperation in Bolivia

Russia’s government announced it could invest hundreds of millions of dollars annually in Bolivia in natural gas and lithium-related projects

Uruguay to invest $6 Million to improve border passes for tourism

After improving the tourist passes, the government will undertake the necessary investments to improve the logistical trade flow of cargo transport in those border passes,

China confirms $4.86 Billion loan to Bolivia for infrastructure projects

China’s foreign minister confirmed Thursday that the Asian giant would provide Bolivia a $4.86 billion loan for road, energy and steel projects, among others.

Debate on PDVSA bond swap

For investors in Venezuela’s state-owned oil producer, its sweetened bond-swap terms are outweighing Congress’s threat to question the deal.

Of growth and globalization

One lesson from Latin America is that governments can ease inequality through social programmes. Latin America wants to rejoin the world. Will the world reciprocate?

How could China take advantage of the Colombian peace deal?

The end of conflict could mean the United States will back away from Colombia in terms of investment and assistance, China might try to fill the power gap.

Argentina looks towards China to revive its mining sector

Representatives from Argentina’s mining sector conducted on Monday the first seminar for investment projects for Chinese businessmen, with an eye on attracting capital from the world’s second largest economy.

Argentine Gov't Touts "Opportunities" for Foreign Investors

Argentina's government opened the 1st Business and Investment Forum in an effort to attract investment from around the world, drawing more than 1,500 foreign investors and corporate executives.

Latam offers the best investment proposition anywhere in the world

After half a decade in the wilderness emerging markets are bouncing back – and experts expect Latin America to lead the charge.

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