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[widgetkit id=70] But where similarly striking landscapes in neighbouring Peru or southern Chile s...
President Obama and President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil pledged to increase the use of wind and solar power, and Brazil said it would restore nearly 30 million acres of Amazon rain forest.
The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is in Europe to strengthen bilateral relations with Germany, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Later on, the President will visit Italy and Spain, from where he will return to the country on November 11.
Millions of parents convince their kids Santa is real – but this lie may be damaging, according to experts. They also suggest parents may not be motivated by purely creating magic for their children, but by a desire to return to the joy of childhood themselves.
A large proportion of cancer cases and deaths among U.S. individuals who are white might be prevented if people start following a healthy life style.
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