Why hasn't the Darien Gap been paved?

The region is the only interruption on the Pan-American Highway, which connects the entire American continent

Drug trafficking: The growing Latin American business

While the shipment of coca from Colombia to the United States increases, other South American countries become more involved in this business

Why does the Pope not want to return to Argentina?

The division that Francisco generates in his native country is the main reason

Colombia: Is cannabis a social and economic opportunity?

The coffee nation is one of the 23 states in the world with legislation on medicinal cannabis

Has radical Islam come to Latin America?

With the capture of the Cuban citizen and his alleged links to extremist groups, Latin America again asks about the likelihood of jihadist attacks on its territory

OAS calls for wider and stronger sanctions against Venezuela

From Geneva, the Secretary General of the American agency, Luis Almagro, emphasized his ruling on the global collective blindness that has been given to the Venezuelan regime

Brazil: Why was a state declared in "vulnerable conditions"?

These have been the consequences of the Venezuelan crisis in the largest country in South America

Fast train Panama

Panama: Deal with China will develop a cross-country railroad

The international project also foresees the construction of a high-speed train which will travel at 160 kilometers per hour


Rex Tillerson: "It's urgent to restore the democratic order in Venezuela"

The US Secretary of State closed his tour of the Latin American region in which he thanked the support for the pressure against the Venezuelan regime

Mexico: Why does the US want to deploy armed air marshals on flights?

Specialists claim that the measure could be seen as a violation of Mexican sovereignty

Why did the United States recommend not traveling to Colombia?

Why did the United States recommend not traveling to Colombia?

The US State Department issued the warning due to possible scenarios of insecurity, violence, and terrorism

United States: new sanctions imposed on Venezuelan officials

Four more officials add up to the 40 high-profile ones sanctioned by the US for corruption and repression during the government of Maduro

2018: Latin America wants change

2018: Latin America wants change

Nine countries will go to the polls asking for a change in political vision  

Russia: is Latin America its new prey?

Russia: is Latin America its new prey?

If the US doesn’t focus on what is happening down south, the results can complicate its global leadership

Latin American immigration: from tourists to residents

Latin American immigration: from tourists to residents

What are the labor oportunities for Latin Americans who migrate within the region? 


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