Israel will have a new parliament in 2019

Benjamin Netanyahu announced the dissolution of the Israeli parliament (Knesset), what are the consequences of this change of parliament?

The new Honduran Embassy would be in Jerusalem

Is it a good decision to move the Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem?

Cuba: This is what Miguel Díaz-Canel's international tour left

For eleven days, the Cuban president traveled across Asian to strengthen relations with several countries

The terrifying case of the Saudi journalist murdered in Turkey

The murder of a Saudi journalist has generated a diplomatic scandal between the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Environmental refugees: When climate change causes migratory crises

Climate change has consequences beyond environmental

United States: Trump moves further and further away from the European Union, Russia, and China

The president of the United States believes that isolating the US from other countries is the best way for the North American country

Why is Donald Trump causing quite a stir during his visit to Europe?

The tension at the NATO summit was not absent, the protests in the United Kingdom gave indications of what Trump's visit would be like. The next target is Putin

A new corruption scandal in the Vatican?

At the beginning of July 2018, the Vatican judicial authorities held a second hearing against two former Vatican Bank officials for illicit enrichment and embezzlement

Why the international community disapproved the meeting between Trump and Putin?

After holding the summit with the North Korean leader, the US president will meet with his Russian counterpart. The European Union and NATO are expectant

Reform to Germany's immigration policy: A break for Angela Merkel?

After the dispute between the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union, a new agreement on migration reached on July 3 seems to give a respite to the government of Angela Merkel

After three days in the darkness, Wikipedia restored its services

Learn about the case of the copyright law that was rejected on July 5 by the European Parliament, which caused Wikipedia to suspend its services for three days

These are the countries that have legalized the use of marijuana

Canada joins the group of countries that have regularized the use of marijuana, which is led by countries in Latin America

Austria against extremism: "It is not a religious question", according to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

The Central European country closes seven mosques and expels 60 radical imams

Rwanda and Arsenal: the most controversial sponsorship

Rwanda and the Arsenal sign a sponsorship agreement for 30 million euros, an alliance that has been criticized by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Mark Zuckerberg and Europe are reconciled

The founder of Facebook intones the 'mea culpa' before the European Parliament about the scandal of the data

Damascus at the command of Syria: The government of Bashar al Assad regained control

The Syrian army recovered for the first time since 2012, the control of the capital after the last ISIS jihadists left the place

Ramadan: how to celebrate a holy feast in times of tension?

The most important month of the Muslim calendar has just begun in the midst of civil wars, violence and political instability

Why does the US embassy in Jerusalem provoke violence in Israel?

In Gaza the death toll already exceeds 50 and the injured exceed 2000, what is happening?

Why does the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel divide the world?

In addition to the United States, several countries have announced the transfer of their embassies to Jerusalem, including three Latin American countries

Why are Israel and Iran bombing eachother?

The attacks between both countries add to a long list of aggressions that threaten to destabilize the region

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