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Colombia, in collaboration with a private company, promotes a project to rescue and market the remains and cargo of the Spanish ship
Two photographers, an American man, 58, and a 15-year-old Cuban girl, worked together for three days snapping portraits reflecting the diversity of Cubans in Havana
In the remote valley of the Cisnes there is no phone signal and no wi-fi. Even people are few and far between. But there is one thing that draws in tourists - the trout, as Tom Fort found on a fly-fishing trip to Patagonia.
Listening to the business-as-usual speeches by the leaders of Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and other South American countries in the wake of China’s economic slowdown, it seems like they are living on a different planet. They are still bragging about their countries’ abundant natural resources and raw materials, as if that mattered much in the new world of Google, Apple and Uber.
The increase of hydropower plants in the Amazon could harm the world’s biggest rainforest
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