Javier Parham: The Honduran writer you should know

An electrician that writes about historical topics, such as the slave trade of the 1800s and Nazi occupation of Poland

6 Apps to flirt and more

Here you will find 6 applications that make it easier for you to meet people

Chanel FW 2018 Finale

Chanel: Fall- Winter 2018-19 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Models didn’t march on a catwalk but wandered through a walking path made of autumn leaves

USA: What are America’s 10 favorite jellybeans?

This popular candy is celebrated on its national on April 22nd. Find out the flavors people like the most

How to reduce teenage pregnancies?

Latin American Post spoke with Professor Luís Miguel Bermúdez, who is in the run to win the Global Teaching Prize



Oscar de la Renta

Why is the Hispanic culture so trendy?

Few ethnic groups have managed to preserve such powerful influence over the fashion world as the Hispanics

6 applications that will make your life easier

These are the six applications that you did not know you needed on your cell phone

International Women’s Day: an ode to those who have propelled us forward

Latin American Post joins companies like Barbie and Google in celebrating women who have made and continue to make history

drag makeup

Drag makeovers: How makeup goes from cosmetic to art

Beyond gender bending, Drag Queens use their faces and their bodies as canvases to turn themselves into walking, breathing artworks

Lacoste: which animals have replaced the famous crocodile?

The French design firm has decided to use animals in danger of extinction to generate awareness

Halima Aden

The age of diversity: Fashion Week like it's never been seen

Diversity in the fashion world reaches a new crowning moment with the Spring-Summer 2018 shows 

¿Models or drones? The innovative proposal

12 devices presented the new Dolce and Gabbana’s collection of bags

A painting by Tarsilia do Amaral

Tarsilia do Amaral: the woman who invented modern art in Brazil

If you are in New York City or plan on visiting, MoMA will hold a retrospective exhibition on the Brazilian artist’s work through June 3rd

Believe in Yourself: why dresses matter for education

This charity project looks to teach girls body positivity through beautiful clothes

Wayuu art: from Colombia to Canada

In La Guajira, Colombia, the Wayuu tribe represents the 45% of the population and produces art worth exporting

4 apps students should know

In the following list, you will discover alternatives to make school or college easier

Lima: Art galleries you should know

If you are in the Peruvian capital, these are some spots where you will find fantastic artworks and inspiring spaces

Why did Carolina Herrera step down as creative director?

The Venezuelan, who has built a fashion empire for 37 years, will take a new job in her company as global brand ambassador

How do Latinos celebrate Ash Wednesday?

In Bogota, this religious holiday is practiced by people of all ages and social backgrounds

What are the best platforms to find art online?

In a globalized world, traditional galleries have become a resource for online sellers, because the internet is where it’s at

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