Haiti, a forgotten nation: 9 years of the worst natural disaster

300 thousand dead left that earthquake of January 12, 2010. In LatinAmerican Post we review the current situation of the Caribbean nation

No more impunity in cases of sexual abuse

There are laws that punish this type of crime, but impunity seems to win

They try to deport a United Nations official from Guatemala

They tried to deport the Colombian Yilen Osorio, researcher of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, upon entering the Central American country

Political violence: the new challenge for women

With the high female political participation, another challenge comes: violence

When the press gets censored

Censoring the media seems to be the new strategy of some governments


2018: Another year of struggle for the LGBTI community

Latin America is one of the regions that has made the most progress in recognizing the rights of the LGBTI population. However, there are still countries that do not advance

How does 2018 end for women in Latinamerica?

2018 is about to finish. We review some key moments in the women's movement in Latin America

This is the controversial bill that would change journalism in Colombia

Currently, in Colombia, there is a bill that seeks to regulate journalism

Cyber Abuse: How is being handled?

Children are at risk of being harassed on the Internet, according to UNICEF. Some governments have already implemented strategies to combat this problem

These are the numbers of the Venezuelan exodus in Latin America

2.4 million Venezuelans have left their country to other Latin American nations, with Colombia receiving the most migrants

Latin America: a dangerous place for women

According to the UN, nine women are losing their lives daily in Latin America

Brazil: ¿A dangerous country for the LGBT community?

Homophobia in Brazil has been expressed from threats, rejection and even killing members of the LGBT community by Brazilians themselves

These are the 3 risks that the migrants caravan has faced

Health problems, xenophobia and deportation, are some things that the caravan of migrants has had to face

Coverage: This is the panorama of journalists threatened in Colombia

240 journalists have been threatened so far in 2018, according to the Foundation for Press Freedom. LatinAmerican Post spoke with one of them

This has been the solidarity of Mexicans with the caravan of Honduran migrants

Water, transportation, and food are some aids that Honduran migrants receive. The panorama of solidarity is also encouraging for Venezuelans

Marlén Chow: The woman who challenged Daniel Ortega's regime

Marlén Chow created the phenomenon "Pico Rojo" (red lips) by painting his lips. His action is a symbol of resistance against the regime of Daniel Ortega

"We must recognize that the crisis in Venezuela was predictable and avoidable": Angelina Jolie

Testimonies of need and gratitude left the visit of Angelina Jolie to the Venezuelan refugees in Peru

Child abandonment: another scourge of the Venezuelan crisis

In cardboard boxes and accompanied by a note, some Venezuelan minors have been abandoned on public roads

Colombia: Constitutional Court said "no" to limit abortion

The three existing grounds for exercising the right of women to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancy were ratified

The alarming figures of bullying in Latin America and the Caribbean

According to a UNESCO report, one in three students has suffered violence and bullying in the world

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