Brazil: in the haciendas, slavery is disguised as religion

565 Brazilians in conditions of slavery or 565 Brazilians convinced by a religion?

Irregular immigration in Colombia?

Not only Venezuelans move to this country, as citizens from Asia and Africa cross the border with Venezuela and Ecuador to reach the coffee nation

Child abuse: Children at risk

Around 6.3 million children migrate each year from the places where they reside to escape violence

The real numbers of immigration in 2017

According to official data, more than 6,100 people died looking for a better future

Puerto Rico: 6 months after María

What has been done and what is still needed?

Achievements and challenges for gender equality in Latin America

Important steps have been taken, but there is still a long way to go for gender equity in the region

Colombia has regulated euthanasia for children and adolescents

The South American country is the third in the world to pass a sentence of this style in order to protect the right to dignified death

Latin American women propose "She for she" campaign

They present an initiative to "promote good practices of support from woman to woman and to demand the commitment of solidarity among women"

Colombia: Violence against women activists, leaders and defenders

According to the Somos Defensores Program, "the homicides presented against women always show higher levels of violence, including sexual violence"

Domestic Violence and Latin American Women

Domestic violence rates directly correlate with the well being of the region's women 

Facts about poverty in Latin America

One out of five Latin Americans lives in chronic poverty 

America: a continent in decline in human rights protection

The USA was included this time due to the threat posed by the rhetoric of Donald Trump

Argentina: Is it ready to decriminalize abortion?

According to WHO, in Latin America 68,000 women die each year after practicing illegal abortions

An ageless war: this is the reality of child recruitment in Colombia

"By persuasion and coercion, guerrilla and paramilitary groups strengthened their armies with minors", says the National Center for Historical Memory

Venezuela: clashes between soldiers and miners leave 18 dead

The east of Venezuela, as part of the Orinoco Mining Arc, has become a constant scene of clashes over the control of the area

Cuba: Why have there been 330 arbitrary political-detentions?

CCDHRN reports that every year, more than 5,000 people are deprived of their freedom due to political reasons

Chile: Death penalty for child rapists?

The rape and murder of a 23-month-old baby opens the debate on the death penalty in the South American country

UN: What constituted the complaint to El Salvador's government?

For twelve days the Special Rapporteur on the subject dedicated herself to finding clues that clarify responsibility, but the government does not agree with the report

Argentina: how does the Syria Program work?

The program designed to welcome people fleeing the crisis in the Arab country has been renewed for the fourth time

Honduras: this has been the struggle of the LGBTI community

The Central American nation has a huge social debt to the population of diverse sexual orientations and identities

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