More than 120 million people went hungry in 2017

UN released a report on famine and poverty worldwide, 51 countries suffered these tragedies last year

Syria: What is the reality of women and girls affected by the conflict?

Acts of sexual exploitation are perpetrated mostly by UN workers, responsible for carrying supplies to areas of conflict

Ghouta: In the midst of horror

The civilians of East Ghouta are experiencing one of the worst offensives led by the Syrian regime and Russia in the last three years of the war

What is happening to Latina women in the USA?

This is how the gender pay gap affects these women

Malaysia: controversy arises due to list that helps identify Gays and Lesbians

Sinar Harian newspaper aims to help readers identify people memebers of the LGBTI community

Is it ethical to buy from Nike or Adidas?

The most valuable sports brands in the world have been criticized for their corporate practices, including labor exploitation and child labor

South Africa: How were 955-trapped miners rescued?

Workers from a gold mine have been safely brought back to the surface after a power outage

Ireland's polemic abortion ban will be submited to voting

25% of all pregnancies worldwide ended in an induced abortion, according to the WHO

Juvenile pregnancy in Latin America

Juvenile pregnancy in Latin America

Lack of contraceptive methods information and education are the main causes of teenage pregnancy in South America

A slave market in the 21st century?

A slave market in the 21st century?

Authorities have already started looking for those responsible

Catalonia: Latin Americans face uncertainty

Catalonia: Latin Americans face uncertainty

After the independence, Latino immigrants struggle to find work

Excessive violence in Mynamar: when will it stop?

Excessive violence in Mynamar: when will it stop?

UN officials have described the situation in the Asian country as “textbook ethnic cleansing” against Rohingya Muslims


#MeToo: Will the stalker cease to be a passive role?

Women in Latin America and other parts of the world have been denouncing millions of cases of sexual abuse or harassment

Red Cross Afganistan

Red Cross: "Exposure to risk has become our greatest challenge"

For security reasons, the ICRC and other NGOs are reducing their numbers in Afghanistan

Sustainable Development Goals: hope for the world?

Sustainable development goals: hope for the world?

It has been two years since UN members agreed to 17 SDG's: what are these goals?

The uncertain future of Rohingya Muslims

The uncertain future of Rohingya Muslims

Should the international community intervene?

Australia to vote on same-sex marriage

Australia to vote on same-sex marriage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull welcomed the ruling and urged all Australians to take part in the survey


EU countries must accept their share of migrants

Highest court rejects requests by Hungary and Slovakia to avoid taking refugees

Rohingya Muslims

The Indian government threatens to deport all Rohingya Muslims

The administration of the current Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has announced a plan to deport all members of the historically persecuted community

Burkina Faso

Peace Corps evacuates Burkina Faso's volunteers

More than 2,075 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Burkina Faso since the program was established in 1966

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