It is possible to immerse yourself in other universes or expand your world

Did you know that the idea of ​​entering other worlds and altering yours is older than you think? Here we tell you some things you should know about virtual and augmented reality

Cirque du Soleil: the most remembered, acclaimed, and expected shows in Latin America

The circus that could be called a factory of dreams and emotions will have these shows in Latin America in the remainder of 2018

Things you can not imagine finding on the Deep Web

A hidden system that offers a diversity of content and very unconventional activities

The biggest festivals around the world ideal to travel and party

A year to celebrate and enjoy the global cultural diversity

Everything you need to know before getting a tattoo

From the risks of tattooing to how much you should be charged, find here a complete guide to decide whether to get a tattoo or not

Sauna: the bar that fills Bogota up with rainbows

This bar in the Colombian capital is a completely new proposal in the country and promisses nights full of singing and glitter

If you hate airports, here are some hobbies that can make your wait happier

Waiting at the airport can be tedious and the hours can go on forever, so here you will find 5 things you can do while you wait for your flight

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