The biggest 'snow jobs' in the world of festivals

Quentin Tarantino will not be at the Barranquilla Film Festival. It turns out that everything was, as the organizers call it, "a cordial snow job"

Is it good for children to open social media at such a young age?

Most social networks ask a minimum age to open an account, but does this apply in reality?

5 podcasts for football fans

We bring you a list of football podcasts essential for fans of this sport

What do you need to know before you get a tattoo?

Some tips from experts to take into account before tattooing so that it does not happen to you (and if it happens) Ariana Grande's case

Interview: Kismet Magic, psychology, magic and YouTube

We spoke with Kismet Magic, the YouTuber magician who already has more than 31,000 YouTube subscribers and he told us a bit about how he combines magic and psychology

These are the 5 best-selling cars in Latin America in 2018

The Latin American automotive market continues to grow, and five different brands lead the most sold vehicles in the region

Is it worth playing the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe?

Is it worth revisiting this game or should it just remain a remembrance of the Wii U?

Do you dare to get into these horror movie sets?

The house set of the Netflix movie Bird Box has become an attraction for tourists. We show you another 7 sets of terror and suspense that you can visit



4 different plans to do in New Year's Eve

We bring you some plans if you still do not know what to do this December 31st

Top 10 of YouTube’s most disliked videos

The YouTube Rewind 2018 was crowned as the most disliked video in the history of this platform. We present the other videos that make up the Top 10

Horoscope: Pluto brings important changes in your life

This week will bring important, intense, and inevitable changes

Ideas for a vegetarian Christmas dinner

We present you some ideas to prepare a delicious vegetarian dinner for your guests at Christmas

Mandela effect: a false collective memory

The mandela effect refers to certain memories that are built within society, a collective memory about specific events that, in the end, end up being a lie

3 fun facts that you didn't know about Christmas

This special date is coming and we bring you this data with which you can surprise everyone at your Christmas dinner

Christmas is here! 4 tips to decorate your home while being ecofriendly

If you still have not decorated your home this Christmas season, we will help you to do it in an ecological way

Do you want to be an astronaut? These are the 5 requirements of NASA

What many dreamed when they were children, is more possible than you think. These are NASA's requirements to be astronauts

4 superheroes who fight crime and change diapers

All superheroes have secret identities. These superheroes are fathers and mothers

Red Dead Redemption 2: live like in the wild west

The latest videogame of the Rockstar company offers us the opportunity to feel like real outlaws

Comic-Con takes over Latin America

This month, Colombia and Bolivia will receive the best of the world of comics. Then they will be followed by Argentina and Mexico

4 video games that are also pieces of art

Here you will find a list of video games so beautiful and with a great artistic influence that you would not stop playing. One was named Best Video Game of the Year in 2012

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