Cape Town: What is living on the verge of running out of water like?

Latin American Post spoke with a Latino living in the South African city about what it is like to live with the risk of running out of the precious liquid

Whales and sharks: victims of microplastic

A study revealed that these animals that filter the water to feed are being affected by small plastic particles

A world without polar bears?

A new study reveals that these animals are losing more and more body mass

The Mexican axolotl: why is this amphibian unique?

Although it is in critical danger of extinction, it has the largest genome that has been able to sequence up to now, approximately 10 times larger than that of humans

Chile: evolving in clean energy?

Since 2004, the South American country has been creating a path for renewable energies through the evolution of policies

Climate change can affect ancient Egyptian treasures

The Environmental office of the United Nations warned on the danger of this threat and assured that the population growth is also a risk for the archaeological sites

Bolivia: under pressure due to floods and overflows

According to official reports, more than 50,000 people can now be considered victims

Gas: a broken bridge between coal and green energies

Everything indicates that renewable energies will dominate before the thought

Why did Norway say no to traditional planes?

By 2040, the Nordic country is planning to use only electric planes

Winter Olympics: at risk due to climate change?

More than half of the previous host cities of the Winter Olympics could register temperatures in 2050 too hot to host the games again

Germany: Car exhaust tests on humans and monkeys

"These tests […] cannot be justified ethically in any way”, stated Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert

Climate Change is affecting bird size

A recent study revealed that the high temperatures is causing changes in these animals

Central America: Alert for massive fish death

The ecological tragedy threatens both the economy and the health of hundreds of inhabitants

Is Colombia's future solar energy?

Candidates in the presidential race contemplate the future of solar energy in the country

EU: looking to end plastic waste

With the new measures, the European Union expects to go from recycling less than 30% of waste to 60% by 2030

Two happy cows: reducing meat consumption could against global warming

January: repairing environmental damage from the year before

December has ended, but the environmental impact endures: what can we do to help slow climate change down?

Bolivia bets for the renewal energy

Bolivia bets for the renewal energy

The South American country is constructing its biggest solar plant that will have 200.000 solar panels

Climate change will cause the extinction of these species

Climate change will cause the extinction of these species

Not only polar bears are at risk of extinction because of high temperatures

First strike: The world is running out of water

Cape Town would become the first big city in the planet without water

When the sun meets the water

When the sun meets the water

The Latin American solar revolution is a great opportunity to adopt environmental policies that include the water-energy nexus

United Kingdom: looking to end disposable coffee cups

United Kingdom: looking to end disposable coffee cups

The country wants to tax with 25 pence (about 34 cents of a US dollar) to those who drink coffee to go

palm trees

Colombia and Paraguay: Protecting their plants

Species such as the wax palm tree and the Victoria Amazonica are threatened


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