Easy recommendations to correctly recycle items in your house

There are many ways you can start a more environmental-friendly life and one of the most effective is to recycle

Hello deserts, goodbye people

Rising temperatures threatens to unleash a humanitarian crisis according to various sources

Is the Paris accord a deal no one wants?

Nicaragua, Syria, and now the United States are the only three countries to refuse to be part of the Paris Agreement

Chile renewables

Chile: An example when it comes to renewables

The South American country is considering becoming dependent only on renewable energy.

Be part of the change and reduce your plastic consumption

Plastic is a material that is commonly found in almost every item and it’s contaminating our environment

post-consumer waste

Colombia against post-consumer waste

Wondering where to throw away that old phone or drained batteries that are kept in a forgotten drawer in your house?

wildlife traffic

Peru: An illegal wildlife traffic route?

The cities of Puno and Juliaca are known for their illegal wildlife trade and it’s alarming environmental authorities

Latin America wind power market

Shift seen for Latin America wind power market

Latin America’s wind power market is changing with new players emerging, according to recent analysis.

Latin America pollution

Latin America: a continuous pollution alert?

In 2017, Latin America has been making headlines for its constant pollution alerts and it’s now raising concerns.

endangered species

Is there good news for endangered species?

Each year, the news reminds us of the environmental damage humans are constantly making but, fortunately, not everything’s bad news.  

Amazon River: Rose Dolphins

Amazon: Where are the dolphins?

Are the low number of pink river dolphins an indicator of threats for the whole Amazon region?

deforestation in Central America

Cocaine production and deforestation in Central America

'Narco-deforestation' has boomed in the region as the trade has been pushed out of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Worried world urges Trump not to pull out of Paris climate agreement

Officials around the world warn president not to reverse climate efforts. Trump has already begun to peel away pollution rules imposed by Obama

Could caterpillars solve plastic polyethylene waste worldwide?

Plastic-eating caterpillars might be the key to end with plastic pollution in a world that produces about 80 million tons each year.

Humpback whales: Running out of time?

The biggest concern of the environmental authorities is that the death of this whale is a consequence of human behavior

When in the Amazon, Please Do Not Punch the Dolphins

Brazil still has a long way to go in the field of ecotourism. There are accounts of people being accidentally bitten, and once a man retaliated by punching the dolphin

Indigenous groups can really battle deforestation

A study finally shows how Peruvian forest loss declined after indigenous groups were granted titles to their land.

New era for nature in Colombia

Researchers are embarking on a major collaboration to characterise Colombia's plant and animal life

Warming Earth could release huge amounts of CO2

According to a report by the Food and Agricultural Organization rising temperatures could release carbon trapped in the soil and make or break climate change response efforts. 

How are Colombian coffee growers are adapting to climate change?

Through a combination of varied farming practices and pest control they are saving coffee crops.

How are Colombian coffee growers are adapting to climate change?

Through a combination of varied farming practices and pest control they are saving coffee crops.

El Salvador the first nation to impose blanket ban on metal mining

Campaigners celebrate victory for ‘water over gold’ after country unaninmously ushers through historic bill to end all forms of metal mining


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