The unexpected effects of climate change

Climate change will  not only affect the environment but also what people drink, the sports they play and even their moods. 

Rising oceans cause by melting glaciers, endangered polar bears and rising temperatures are some of the most discussed consequences of climate change. Here are some of the unexpected and curious effects global warming can have in our life:

1. King crabs will reign over Antarctica:

They live in all sea floors except for Antarctica, as its cold waters prevent them from living there. Unfortunately warming ocean temperatures could cause an imbalance in this ecosystem. King crabs can lead to more predators arriving in this area, which isn't used to the species impact to its ecosystem.

2. Smaller animals:

As recourses could become less accessible for animals, evolution can cause them to develop smaller bodies to be better adapted to the conditions. This is because their diets will be less nutritious, with smaller amounts of protein and cause the animals to shrink.

3. Dead desert bacteria:

Despite its looks deserts comprise large amount of bacteria in their biocrust.  It is essential for desert plants  and for the prevention of desert storms and erosion.  But global warming may put too much pressure on this ecosystem causing the expansion of deserts around the world.

4. Grumpier people:

According to a study developed in Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, hot temperatures  is associated with increased aggression and violence as well as lowering and grumpier moods. This is related to dehydration and the restriction of daily activities in order to avoid hotter weathers.

5. More golfing days but less playable fields:

Studies have found the golf season will extend, but this isn't good news.  More intense storms and longer droughts can damage the grass which will ultimately make greens not so green. In fact some tournaments have had to change locations because their usual fields are inappropriate.

6. More and worsened allergies:

With warmer temperatures weeds can have longer growing seasons and better growing conditions, so will pollen-producing weeds. When spring comes early, pollen season follows causing them to arrive to the cities in higher rates and intensify people's allergies.

7. More volcanic activity:

Glacier melt can cause more than rising ocean levels. They increase volcanic activity as their melting will stop them from preventing magma reaching the earth's surface. Scientists theorize on how changing underground pressure could cause increased volcanic activity.

More effects shift from increasing diarrhea cases that could lead to more global disease burden and death as well as more lightening caused by more water vapor trapped in the atmosphere. Also, mummies will deteriorate faster as humidity levels rise and mummy-chomping bacteria will proliferate.  

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