How can your roof save your city?

The United Nations says that green spaces in cities can prevent different diseases

Buildings that save the planet: which are the best in Latin America?

These 5 buildings were designed and built not only to be beautiful and functional, but also with green awareness

Cape Town nears day zero: Should Latin America be worried?

Diversification and sustainability are key lessons for Latin American leaders to glean from the South African city’s burgeoning water crisis

Could studying the stars save animals in danger?

Thanks to "Astropy" researchers can observe and protect fauna through drones

Lakes: agonizing ecosystems

The disappearance and loss of water from these aquatic bodies is a matter of concern for some experts

The most polluted beaches in the world

The cleaning of Versova beach in India would be the beginning to decontaminate these other places

Exports of hippos from Colombia?

Cornare decided to implement the measure to control the overpopulation of the species that inhabits in Magdalena Medio

Could the Amazon lose 69% of its plant species?

A WWF study warns that if the temperature rises 4.5 ºC, the species in the southern hemisphere could become extinct

Why should Latin America take care of the Spectacled Bears?

The Andean Bear is threatened due to the destruction of its habitat and the irresponsible practices of those who inhabit the territories of the species

What is 'Nuclear Winter' and why should we worry?

Frozen rivers, totally disappeared species, and extreme cold temperatures, are part of the fatal consequences

Latin America: What is being done to conserve the Condor?

Deaths of these animals in Argentina and Colombia call for reflection on the future of the species

Is fracking the most harmful form of energy production?

According to a new study, it is one of the least sustainable options for producing electricity

Colombia: Oil spill killed 'Caño Muerto'

Officially, more than 24 thousand barrels of crude have been poured into canes and pastures in the municipality of Barrancabermeja

Tips to be a good tourist and not to pollute: How to do it and why?

Traveling is unquestionably one of the activities that human beings enjoy the most, but are we really responsible travelers? Are we good tourists?

Extensive agriculture, the biggest mistake of a farmer country

Efficient forms of agriculture are a key factor in guaranteeing food security and sustainable development, especially in regions such as Latin America

Environment: Is clean coal a reality?

Donald Trump talks about "beautiful clean coal", but South Africa may be years ahead of USA in making the dream come true

Reducing carbon emissions will save 153 million lives

A study by Duke University says that if governments take timely action millions of deaths related to air pollution will be reduced.

What can Latin America learn from Cape Town?

Diversification and sustainability are key lessons for South American leaders regarding the growing water crisis in South Africa

Colombia: What is "Risaralda se viste de Aves" about?

The Risaralda Bird Festival 2018 will take place between March 15 and 19 in Unicentro Pereira

The Amazon rainforest, a forgotten giant

The policies that seek to sanction emissions and reduce pollution of the air, water, and soil matrices will not be of any use if the deforestation of the Amazon continues to be allowed

The Wayuu descendant who bets on his community

A Santandereano from Father Wayuu designs a method of pumping water to bring this liquid to his community with solar energy

Need a to-do-list to make your home energy efficient?

Here are 11 steps to help the environment by modifying certain things in your home


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