What can Latin America learn from Cape Town?

Diversification and sustainability are key lessons for South American leaders regarding the growing water crisis in South Africa

Colombia: What is "Risaralda se viste de Aves" about?

The Risaralda Bird Festival 2018 will take place between March 15 and 19 in Unicentro Pereira

The Amazon rainforest, a forgotten giant

The policies that seek to sanction emissions and reduce pollution of the air, water, and soil matrices will not be of any use if the deforestation of the Amazon continues to be allowed

The Wayuu descendant who bets on his community

A Santandereano from Father Wayuu designs a method of pumping water to bring this liquid to his community with solar energy

Need a to-do-list to make your home energy efficient?

Here are 11 steps to help the environment by modifying certain things in your home

The Amazon, between fire and oil

Colombia registered 24 fires in recent days and in Peru there was an oil spill

How is the Amazon rainforest threatened?

A new study showed irreversible damage that deforestation in the area could be causing

Chilean waters are protected

These are the efforts made by the government of Chile to achieve protection of 42% of its seawater

Scientists develop first solar reactor that works at night

According to researchers, this new tool will be key to 100% clean energy production

The Netherlands will have the first solar power plant in the sea

This country hopes to have the plant ready in 3 years, which can generate up to 15% more energy than other panels

'Ring of Fire': Why do experts fear a catastrophe?

Could the recent seismic activity in the area be the announcement of a major earthquake?

Mexico: Is it legal to exploit protected areas?

182 natural reserves would be at risk of being destroyed to commodify their resources

Colombia will run for its forests

The green run will be held on February 18 and April 15 in Bogota and Medellin, respectively

Bolivian water frog is looking for its Juliet

Animal protection organizations uploaded Romeo's profile to a dating site in the hopes to prevent the species from becoming extinct

Crops resistant to changes in climate?

A recent study says that these crops are a near possibility

Birds in Bogotá: One more reason for preservation

The capital is considered as the city with the highest number of species with approximately 200 registered

The ozone layer is not safe

According to the Federal Polytechnic Institute of Zurich, despite the recovery of ozone at the poles, the tropics continue to weaken

Fernando Truijillo works at the Amazon River

“We are making deserts of water”: Fernando Trujillo

The premier of the documentary "A River Below" has set off alarms about the current situation in the Amazon

Amazon biospheres: a new way to build in cities

In these offices the employees work with natural light, between streams, bushes and, next to the corpse flower

Cape Town: What is living on the verge of running out of water like?

Latin American Post spoke with a Latino living in the South African city about what it is like to live with the risk of running out of the precious liquid

Whales and sharks: victims of microplastic

A study revealed that these animals that filter the water to feed are being affected by small plastic particles

A world without polar bears?

A new study reveals that these animals are losing more and more body mass


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