Ha-Ash doesn’t stop

Hanna and Ashley made their debut on the big screen by lending their voice to two tender characters from the new installment of Illumination Entertainment, Sing: Come and Sing! 

The Mexican duo Ha-Ash, Hanna and Ashley, hit the big screen with the movie "Sing: Ven y Canta", in which they lend their voices to fun characters.

"Sing: Ven y Canta" premiered Thursday, December 22nd.

Ha-Ash participates with their voices in the dubbing in Spanish of this American tape that shows a musical reality where diverse animals fight to gain the big prize, but above all to show the talent that each one has.

In "Sing: Ven y Canta", Hanna de Ha-Ash is Rosita, a little pig who is a mother with musical dreams, trying to raise her 25 little puppets,

Ashley gives life to Ash, a porcupine who tries to start her own career after being expelled from her punk rock band and broken up with her boyfriend.

"Sing: Ven y Canta" belongs to the same creators of Mi Villano Favorito and Minions, so success is assured and comes as a gift for New Year's Eve parties.

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