Luis Fonsi upcoming album full of surprises

"Throughout my career I have made rhythmic music and romantic music, I have always tried to combine both, so this new year I start a new year dancing a little more," explained the singer.

This is a varied pop album, said the singer, who did not want to advance the name of his new production, which will have its first single early next year.

"This first single is more rhythmic, more moved to dance a little," said the Puerto Rican, who hopes for this holiday season the birth of his second child.

Fonsi, better known for successful songs such as "No me doy por vencido" and "Aquí estoy yo", the latter accompanied by the Spanish David Bisbal, explained that several years agp he decided to write all his songs in a romantic way and he adds he is sure that there will always be romantics in search of his music.

"I think that in music there is always space for everything and for good songs. I do not focus so much on the subject of the genre, I concentrate on writing good songs and always giving the best of me, giving good content to people", he said.

Fonsi, 38, who has also ventured into the world of soap operas, has won a Latin Grammy, as well as several Premio Lo Nuestro and Premios Juventud, by Univision.

The singer explained that his new album follows the same line of his long musical trajectory, with "fusions, romantic songs, others more moved, others more Latin .That is, to have a little variety to be evolving with time" .

"When there are good songs, people sing them, they dance, and that's what I'm trying to find, that connection with the public," said the singer.

The singer also makes a brief musical stop these days to promote the campaign "Thanks and Giving", whose purpose is to raise funds to help children cancer patients at St. Jude Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Fonsi, who is committed to this cause more than ten years ago, said he is happy to use his voice not only to sing but to "raise awareness to help the hospital find the cure for cancer."

The interpreter said that now, when he expects "at any moment" the birth of his second son, he is more committed than ever to childhood and invited his followers to join this humanitarian cause.

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