Latin America doesn’t stay back

The National Mexican Symphonic Orchestra presentations in the German cities of Erlangen, Friedrichshafen and Bielefeld were well received by critics and the local press in a country where the academic music tradition has deeper and older roots.

The regional newspaper Westfalen Blatt wrote that the mix of Mexican Fiesta and Prominent Personality Night in the German city of Bielefeld "made the audience euphoric as seldom. With standing ovations and happy faces, guests from Mexico were dismissed at the Oetkerhalle concert hall. "

"What happened in Bielefeld? The temperament, the charm and the music of Mexico were united in the concert of the Orchestra National Symphony of Mexico in a happy mixture ".

"The youthful spirit of director Carlos Miguel Prieto, who celebrated his 51st birthday, and the sympathetic and eloquent Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero, delighted the Germans of East Westphalia."

"First they seemed to ride in the sonorous cascade of sounds of Rachmaninov (Concert Number 2), and then their second concert, which is the best known, was completely reinterpreted by Gabriela Montero."

"Even more, he lent melodies and chord waterfalls a clarity of outlines and a cascade of sounds previously unheard," said the Westfalen Blatt.

He stated that "in the end it was possible to experience 'La Noche de los Mayas', with the incomparable originality of Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1940)."

"The suggestive music was of an expressive force that conquered, with ritualistic features and worlds of archaic-mysterious sounds, especially for its percussive fury, in an exotic scene of sounds that could be felt in the body," he added.

The newspaper Südkurier of the German city of Friedrichshafen recommended to its readers to go to the presentation of the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, in which in that city it appeared with the trumpet soloist, the Venezuelan Pacho Flores, in the concert hall Graf Zeppelin Haus.

"Latin American sounds and temperament characterize this concert," the newspaper said.

He emphasized that both the director Carlos Miguel Prieto and the Venezuelan trumpet player Pacho Flores were very well hosted by the interpreters of the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico.

He indicated that the repertoire was composed by works of Carlos Chávez, Johann Baptist Georg Neruda, Efraín Oscher and Silvestre Revueltas.

In the newspaper Schwäbische Zeitung, it was pointed out that the Friedrichshafen concert includes works by Carlos Chávez's No. 2 Indian Symphony, the ES-Dur concert for trumpet and strings by Johann Baptist George Neruda, as well as Silvestre Revueltas.

That presentation is "an extraordinary program because here it is rarely heard: Latin American music," reports the Cultural Office of the city of Friedrichshafen.

It was commented that Francisco 'Pacho' Flores won in 2006 the International Award of the Maurice André Competition, the most important in the world in terms of trumpet, which paved the way for an international career, wrote the newspaper in his article.

"The director (of the OSN), Carlos Miguel Prieto, is not only a defendant artist in North America and South America, but is acclaimed in Europe for his expressive interpretations."

The National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico was founded in 1928 by Mexican composer and conductor Carlos Chávez. The opening of its first season of concerts was the 2 of September of 1928, and in September of 1934 I participate in the inauguration of the Palace of Beautiful Arts.

The presentations in the European country of the National Symphony Orchestra, which for the first time on August 15, 1941, under the baton of Chavez, performed the famous Huapango by José Pablo Moncayo, are held within the framework of the Dual Mexico- Germany.

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