Political crisis to the theatre

The play tells the story of Gregorio Sanchez, who decides to found a new country in the armchair of his room, with the idea that reviving the past mistakes of Latin American nations is the key to success for a better future. In this way, little by little citizens are joined in seeking a change of life, adopting the essential roles within a nation. During this process Lucia appears, who pretending to be an unsuccessful actress and under the idea of establishing a democracy in her own way, will do everything possible to remove Gregorio from his position and thus to become a ruler of the Red Armchair.

Finally, the time will come when citizens will have to make important decisions about the direction of the Red Armchair, their new country. Could it be that power makes us all sick equally and we are destined to make the same mistakes again and again?

The play, through comedy, aims to arouse the interest of the public regarding social issues and citizen participation, representing a recount on the different governments that our people have gone through.

This staging is an original production of the Mexican association Tragaluz, Gestión de Experiencias Culturales and the company Rizoma Gestión Cultural. The project also includes the participation of Ismael Flores Ruvalcaba in the dramaturgy, Carolina Nissen, Benjamín Walker and Javier Barría in music, David Barrón in choreography and the studio Animagic in digital animation; All directed by Carlos Moisés Ballesteros of the Bogotan company of scenic arts Teatro Estudio 87.

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