Condorito will have his movie

The Chilean Condorito character will have his first film appearance in third dimension for October 2017 and we already have the first trailer.

Mexican actor Omar Chaparro will give voice to Condorito, Jessica Cediel will turn to life Yayita, Jey Mammon maakes the voice of Molosco, Cristián de la Fuente to Pepe Coco Legrand Cortison and the voices of Quasimodo and Tremebunda.

In this installment, the “pajarraco” of Pelotillehue undertake, with his tenacious Coné nephew, a dangerous adventure to rescue his missing mother Doña Tremebunda, mysteriously abducted by an alien band. What has not taken into account is that, while trying to save the mother of Yayita, She will be romantically tempted by the insistent Pepe Cortisone.

The film is directed by Alex Orrelle & Eduardo Schuldt, written by Martin Piroyansky and Ishai Ravid and produced by Abraham Vurnbrand Rose and Hugo. The production team has worked in countless animated as The Incredibles, Yogi Bear and Metegol movies.

Condorito is a comic that was first published in 1949 in Chile and became famous, reaching newspapers in Latin America for 1979. Condorito has comics, cartoons and has appeared in magazines. They have encouraged their stories and jokes 2D and 3D animation, but in 2017 his first film where viewers can use 3D glasses to appreciate the depth and computer animation work will be released.



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