Yma Sumac, the emblematic Latin princess in music

The well-remembered Peruvian soprano had her Google Doodle.

Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo, born on the 13th of September, 1922 in Ichocán (Cajamarca, Peru), she said she was an Inca princess, a descendant of the last emperor, Atahualpa. So he chose two Quechua words to be named, live and enthrall with its portentous soprano voice to millions of people in the 50s She was sumaq ima ( "how beautiful"). For the world of singing Yma Sumac.

The soprano, which devotes Google doodle, today would have turned 94 years. She died on November 1, 2008 at a nursing home in Los Angeles at age 86 as a result of colon cancer. That's one of the very few undisputed facts of her life, because Yma Sumac was always surrounded by mystery.

Her official story tells that developed her exceptional vocal abilities imitating birdsong. She fell in love Yma Sumac to Moises Vivanco, composer and conductor of Lima, whom she married in 1942. From there, her name began to change. And during a tour throughout the Americas cousin Cholita Rivero with her recorded albums under the name Imma Sumack.


The exoticism of his voice and rarity led to the United States. His record five-octave voice -of at a time when opera singers reached two octaves and medium captivated millions of viewers and became very popular in Hollywood.

Dressed, coiffed and made up like Hollywood could imagine an Inca princess, she offered a spectacle difficult to forget. And also it led to a dispute with her name were invented who was born in Brooklyn and that her real name was Amy Camus (Yma Sumac backwards).

The first recordings of Yma Sumac dating from 1944, and his discography includes songs like To you alone I love you, the hummingbird, La Benita, Love, Love Indian, Waraka tusuy and Indian Carnival. The titles of his albums and dates give a sketch of the length and breadth of the career of Yma Sumac: Xtabay Voice (1950); Legend of the Virgin del Sol (1953); Inca Taqui (1953); Mambo! (1955); Legend of the Jivaro (1957); Fire Ande (1959), and in 1972 Milagros with rock music. His relationship with producer Lex Baxter and his orchestra led her to success as Voice of the Xtabay.

At the peak of her musical career Yma Sumac also participated in the film Secret of the Incas, in 1954 (with Charlton Heston and Robert Young), where he played one of the most famous theme gave him Ataypura. A role like a glove to his legend. Has star on the Walk of Fame, which was granted before the American public is tired of exoticism (of yours in particular and the rest in general) and triumph in the now defunct Soviet Union (USSR).

In the nineties, the fashionable lounge caused Yma Sumac was sampled and remixed; his voice appeared in ads and cult films like The Big Lebowski, which include its theme Ataypura, and is cited by Vanessa Paradis Joe le Taxi, as one of the favorite singers Taxi Driver musical theme of the French. Also Vinila Von Bismark excites or Milkyay Guille, who has devoted an issue. His voice, in fact, is the subject of constant sampled. The punk always adored.


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