Mapuches to the big screen with Newen

The Argentinean indigenous culture rediscovered by the new filming project by Myriam Angueira.

With her camera, Angueira crosses several parts of the province of Chubut and shows the impressive nature on a journey to be completed with the stories of the kimches (wise elders) who, like a puzzle, complete a part of fuzzy history.

But that all that is Argentina consists of individuals and precisely is a person, the great-grandmother of the director, the starting point to complete a map that is drawn near the Cordillera, with its lakes, mountains and rivers, but it can be extended to the rest of the country.

Nature is present throughout the film, with the colors of some breathtaking scenery that all eyes of this film takes.

"For me it is a search, a path of “individualization”, as thought by (Carl) Jung. A journey to recover some of the Mapuche culture that was denied to my grandmother and, therefore, me. From a dialectical place, attempt to recognize and hope who watch the movie can do in this multiethnic and multicultural country, "said Angueira.

Myriam Angueira explained: “ What I know of the story of my great-grandmother Felisa is very little. What counts in my family is that his parents and brothers came straight from a very large slaughter of Patagonia, and that she and her brothers given in "adopting" a family as a maid. Then his sister, who was bigger, he began to remember a little more and was sealed in family memory that the origins of my grandmother would Mapuches”,

The idea came many years ago, while working in another job I used to traveled a lot to this area of Patagonia. There I began by little to approach the world of the Mapuche culture through the friendship with people of the communities. To recognize in this culture in their worldview started to investigate me, and there arose the need to tell the story of my great-grandmother.

Until you recognize in their diversity its complexity. Included into that recognition process are also interests of expanding land rights and respect for the cultural universe of Indigenous Peoples itself. That is very difficult when the bases sat to become this nation state was genocide. There is still much debate and repair.

The Mapuche people is a living community and a resistant society, that keeps struggling for equal rights and respect for their worldview.

In the Mapuche culture nature is the way the Christian Western culture separated man from nature, but the wisdom of the union of man and nature is in all world views of indigenous peoples worldwide.

The Newen film is the opportunity for the Mapuches community to be remembered and seen by the world.

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