LatinAmerican Post remembers Juan Gabriel

Each year meant a new award, new concerts and amazing musical talent shared with the world. With more than 60 million copies sold, Juan Gabriel proved that nothing could stopped him. LatinAmerican Post makes tribute to the talent of the Mexican musician.

His name, Alberto Aguilera Valadéz, but known and loved by the world under the name of Juan Gabriel. Singer, composer, actor, interpreter, musician and music producer, all these talents in just one person, El Divo de Juárez.

The Mexican musician was born in Parácuaro, Michoacán on the the 7th of January of 1950.

His music career is hugely admirable because of his endless contributions to Latin American music in different and varied genres. Moreover, because of the handicaps and obstacles he overcame throughout his whole life.

With a difficult childhood in absence of his parents, he grew up in an institute for children in Ciudad Juárez, place that made him leave his childhood years even earlier than expected.

He left the place at the age of 13 and started his journey to find his own way.

When he was 14 he had already written more than 100 songs and he could not wait for the world to listen to him, so he started travelling around Mexico and California without a positive answer.

Years later he gets the opportunity of working in some bars in Ciudad Juárez under the name of Adán Luna. With some recognition in Mexico he was about to get a chance with a Discography Company. Nonetheless, his dreams were cut down by false accusations that left him for 18 months in prison.

He stood up and kept going on. During the 70’s he takes the name of Juan Gabriel because of his father Gabriel Aguilera and his music mentor and teacher Juan Contreras, while he started working on his first musical production named “El alma joven” with the one he reached the OTI Festival and many radio stations.

In 1974 he releases his first Mariachi production making of the first single “Se me olvidó otra vez” one of the most known ranchera song worldwide. 


So, in less words, the 70’s was the decade of imminent success for the Mexican musician with other songs like "Siempre en mi mente", "Juro que nunca volveré", "Inocente pobre amigo", "La diferencia", "Mi fracaso", "Buenos días", "Señor Sol", "En esta primavera", "La muerte del palomo",and "Ya para qué".

Then, his career was only going up. More songs, more productions, international colaborations and the start of his career as an actor and the chain of success never seen before in a Mexican artist after his album Recuerdos was recorded in with important songs like: "He venido a pedirte perdón" (1979); "Con tu amor" (1981), "No me vuelvo a enamorar", "Ya lo sé que tú te vas", "Si quieres", "Insensible", and the unforgettable "Querida"(1984). 


Besides his personal success, he gave other artists starting their careers some of his songs like Daniela Romo, Lucía Mendez and Rocío Durcal, the last one even getting a nomination for the Grammy awards.

Juan Gabriel never stopped growing and building success worldwide with his performances.
In 1999, the Billboard magazine named him The Latin Legend after a special publication that highlghts the huge musical contribution and impact of his music in the Latin American culture in the United States and worldwide.

In the year 2000, Juan Gabriel breaks the assistance record in “El Zocalo” in the Mexican capital city with more than 350 thousand people enjoying the talent of this amazing artist in the early hours of the 1st of January of 2000, a record that has not been broken until today.

The list of success goes on and on and on, his fame made him a living legend and he is and he will be considered the biggest music Mexican figure for a long time. 


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