Video dance Festival: Stakes are higher each year

Quality and content are the main items for the eight edition of the “Agite y Sirva” Festival in Mexico.

The 7th edition of the Vidiodance Festival “Agite y sirve” will take place in Mexico from the 3rd of August to the 7th, in the a National Art Center (CENART) and the National Film Center.

Ximena Monroy, the Festival director commented this week to the Notimex magazine: “Videodance is not only about movement in front of a camera, but also the person in charge of the choreography and dance set”.

She also expressed how proud the whole “Agite y Sirva” team feels about the improvement Mexico has shown during the Festival compared to international productions.

Since 2014, the Videodance Festival started giving out money as part of the prize, and this fact has put the quality standards higher each year.

The criteria for the judges has to do with the audiovisual quality, the choreography and as a last item, the concept of each project, which must be clear and accurate.

For the present edition, a categories line was designed, for example the social videodance, which opens up to the possibilities of scenic arts making part of the show.

Moreover, this year, a tribute to the visual artist Alfredo Slomón will be made, displaying a selection of the most representative works made by the artist on the 7th of August, 2016.
Tegnology will also be a protagonist of the videodance production in this 7th edition, this as a measure for the quality of the show, and as a main purpose, for the diffusion of the culture and the contemporary art work. They are aiming for the festival to reach as much public as possible, creating a direct connection between the public and the artist.

The “Agite y Sirva” videodance festival offers a different platform since its 1st edition for the public to get to know a neglected art discipline.

For the 8ht edition ambitions are bigger, the festival will go further spreading and sharing Mexican work all over the Mexico and other Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.


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