Why did Carolina Herrera step down as creative director?

The Venezuelan, who has built a fashion empire for 37 years, will take a new job in her company as global brand ambassador

Disney: a Trump robot is now part of the Hall of Presidents

Disney: a Trump robot is now part of the Hall of Presidents

The theme park has been criticized because the new addition to this Magic Kingdom attraction does not resemble 45 at all

“Latin history for morons”: the comedy’s starry Broadway return

“Latin history for morons”: the comedy’s starry Broadway return

John Leguízamo, American comedian of Colombian descent, teaches about forgotten heroes through laughter

Aerosmith: did Steven Tyler have a heart attack?

Aerosmith: did Steven Tyler have a heart attack?

Concerts in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico were cancelled because lead singer, Steven Tyler, had to fly back to the United States for health reasons

Pablo Arévalo

How to promote a music career in Uber

Arevalo is an artist who, in his free time, takes advantage of this transportation platform to give away his CDs to passengers

A Love Affair’s Ending: Disney Breaks Up with Netflix

A Love Affair’s Ending: Disney Breaks Up with Netflix

Disney will pull all of its content from the world’s current top streaming platform to release its own service by 2019

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono: Dream Come True

An exhibit based on the life and works of the well-known artist makes its way to Chile

Pequeños Héroes

“Pequeños Héroes” takes a big leap

The movie is set on breaking the limits of the animated film industry in Latin America

Los Rolling Ruanas

Los Rolling Ruanas: Perfect combination of rock and Colombian music

The atypical band from Bogotá is changing the music scene in Latin America

Run, Coyote, Run

“Run, Coyote, Run”: A new kind of comedy

FOX Productions bets on a new show about the migration difficulties for the people on the Mexican border

U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 takes Latin America by storm

The Irish band already confirmed concert dates in 5 Latin American countries

Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé: A financial sponsor of the arts

Ibero-American artists seem to have a significant lack of resources but the Latin Grammy scholarship tries to lend a helping hand

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club comes back to say a last goodbye

Two decades after its unlikely revival, Lucy Walker's documentary film bids goodbye to the Cuban all-star group

One Republic

Long live Latino remixes!

“No Vacancy” by One Republic follows the trend started by “What do you mean?”, “Despacito”, and “Safari” of combining Latino artists with American beats.

America Chavez

A Latino Marvel superhero?

The successful creator of Spiderman, Iron Man, and the Hulk, announced the birth of the first ever Latin American superhero.


Shakira: The awaited arrival of 'El Dorado'

The singer-songwriter announced the release date to her millions of followers on social media, along with the album cover.

Luis Miguel vs Boneta

Telemundo: Boneta is the new Luis Miguel

The Mexican singer and actor Diego Boneta is set to star as Luis Miguel in the upcoming Telemundo bio-musical series based on the life of the Grammy-winning artist.

Natalia Lafourcade: the constant hommage to Latin America

With simplicity the singer-songwriter, Natalia Lafourcade, presented her album Musas, to do a homage to Latin American folklore.

Moscow and its love for Julieta Venegas

The Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas is on the quest to conquer the Russian capital with her show Parte Mía Tour.

Hayek, Derbez say latino made movies have taken off in US

The box-office success of the film “How to Be a Latin Lover,” indicate an awakening both of the film industry and of Hispanic audiences

Univision: Betting on a new ‘Latino Mix’ radio station

An English-language station “designed for Latinos” debuts in Texas.

Coachella hasn't had a lot of Latin music

A big change surprised everyone in Coachella this year

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