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A new drama series is intended to explore the sentimental side of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who died last December. It is "Infidel," a project in the development stage led by the Mexican David Barraza Ibáñez and whose objective is to get deeper into the intimacy of Castro through the women who were part of his life.
Peruvian Tropical Pacific Sea, a biodiversity hotspot is expected to receive protection following measures taken by Ecuador, Cuba and Chile to protect their environment. 
For Jasmin Bueno, aged seven, and her brother Aaron, aged six, there is little that can make swallowing chemo-profilactic pills any less bitter. But the tablets they stoically gulp down daily during the next six months are the best protection they can get from contracting tuberculosis.
Colombians tend to get frustrated by the negative image that surrounds their country, especially (but not exclusively so) in relation to drugs. Yet, as both locals and foreigners alike who have visited Colombia know, there are numerous positives to promote, even though this doesn't always happen. And perhaps the greatest positive is its wonderfully diverse landscape.
Researchers found a new "supercomputer" using nanotechnology. These biocomputers can solve mathematical problems faster, and they are more energy efficient.
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