Funza: the town of Colombia that bets on bilingualism

This municipality of Cundinamarca is the first one that wants to turn all its population into English speakers, and it is a question of identity

In Latin America, there are also museums for photography lovers

Photography is a form of artistic expression that shows the reality of a society, which has to be preserved. Get to know some of the Latin American museums dedicated to this work

Latam BookLook: "You always change the love of your life (...)" by Amalia Andrade

You can now order online the English version of this book between the comedy and self-help of the Colombian writer

Who is Chita Rivera and why did she win one of the most prestigious awards in theatre?

Meet the woman of Puerto Rican descent who is the first Latina to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tonys

Ten tips to survive the first week of college

Get ready for your new adventure!

Radical Women: the exhibition of Latina artists who take Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Museum, in New York City, became a space to showcase the work of little-known Latina artists

The soundtrack of the Venezuelan Diaspora

These songs are the product of the political, economic, and social crisis that Venezuela is going through

Social media beyond memes: 5 writers who would not be where they are without them

Thanks to platforms like Instagram and YouTube, these writers have reached from world fame to contracts with the most recognized publishers

"13 Reasons Why": real life teen suicides that surpass fiction and show the need for awareness

With the second season of the controversial Netflix show coming out today, we take an opportunity to show that this is a real life issue, and not just a TV one

Why you should give these three Dutch authors a chance

These young writers bring a thrilling story about the repercussions of Hitler in today’s world, a picture book for kids questioning their gender identity, and a graphic novel about self isolation

The father of the mixed race: a story of romance

This is the story of how Gonzalo Guerrero and Mayan princess Zazil Ha took the first step in creating the racially diverse society that Latin America is today

How much Internet is too much for our children

And while there are many educational applications on the market where children can learn various skills, in reality, how much internet is too much?



Vienna: this Colombian is the new director of the Wiener Symphoniker

Who is Andrés Orozco-Estrada?


Places for the Young an Artistic Escene Bogotu00e1

Bogotá: three places for young and innovative art

If you want to see what is happening in the young artistic scene of Bogotá now, these places are where you should be

Honduran speech: an outsider’s guide to understanding ‘Catrachos’

For any travellers looking to engage and immerse themselves in Honduran culture I recommend having some knowledge of the slang and informal speech as it comes in extremely handy

Javier Parham: The Honduran writer you should know

An electrician that writes about historical topics, such as the slave trade of the 1800s and Nazi occupation of Poland

How to reduce teenage pregnancies?

Latin American Post spoke with Professor Luís Miguel Bermúdez, who is in the run to win the Global Teaching Prize



International Women’s Day: an ode to those who have propelled us forward

Latin American Post joins companies like Barbie and Google in celebrating women who have made and continue to make history

drag makeup

Drag makeovers: How makeup goes from cosmetic to art

Beyond gender bending, Drag Queens use their faces and their bodies as canvases to turn themselves into walking, breathing artworks

A painting by Tarsilia do Amaral

Tarsilia do Amaral: the woman who invented modern art in Brazil

If you are in New York City or plan on visiting, MoMA will hold a retrospective exhibition on the Brazilian artist’s work through June 3rd


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