• The left on the run in Latin America

    A brighter future for struggling Latin Americans, ultimately, will require leaders who are accountable to their citizens.

  • The fall of the left in LatAm: A political or economic failure?

    Venezuela’s political cusp is crumbling but still stands, in Bolivia, Evo maintains power and support. Everywhere else, the left is gone. Was their mistake made in politics or economics?

  • The Curse of Hypercorrection in Latin America

    In the late 2000s, leftist politicians were leading countries all across Latin America. Today, most are in retreat, challenged by a new crop of would-be leaders promising to fix the problems created by the left.

  • South American left in retreat as economic crisis deepens

    Just in the past month, voters in Argentina elected a conservative businessman president over  Cristina Fernandez, Brazil's congress launched an impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff, but the biggest turnabout, voters in Venezuela, where the region's leftward shift began

  • Mexico may veer to the left in 2018

    The ruling PRI party was the big loser in Mexico’s June 5 local elections in 14 states. Anti-establishment sentiment will help leftist candidate Andres M. Lopez Obrador in the race for 2018

  • Latin America’s new era

    Opposition win in Bolivia’s Feb. 21 referendum was a new sign of the demise of leftist populism in the region; populist leaders have lost elections in Argentina, Venezuela, and Bolivia, and are in trouble in Ecuador and Brazil

  • Latam’s right turn will trigger social conflicts

    The recent turn to the right in Latin American politics will trigger serious social conflicts and marginalize large sectors of the population

  • Fidel may be gone, but his legacy lives on in Latin America

    In every lonely jungle hideout where guerrillas in olive-drab plotted their fight, Castro kept them company. In every country where revolutionaries and communists dreamed of creating a workers’ paradise, Castro was a guiding light.

  • Brazil’s new foreign policy is promising

    Brazil Foreign Minister Jose Serra said he will stress the defense of human rights, setting a clear distance from Rousseff. Under her presidency Brazil had supported dictatorships around the world

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