• When a “coup” is not a coup

    How should presidential systems deal with political breakdown?

  • What lies behind turmoil in Brazil

    A president faces impeachment, a signs of voters fed up with corruption and looking for blame. The ultimate answer, however, lies in choosing and voting for moral candidates.

  • The End of the World? In Brazil, It’s Already Here

    A constitutional amendment passed by the Senate last month is being called “the end of the world” amendment by its opponents. Why? Because the consequences of the amendment look disastrous — and long lasting.

  • Temer links Rousseff's removal with the drastic change in economic policy

    Brazilian president Michel Temer earlier this week revealed another twist to the recent political events in the country which led to the impeachment and removal of Dilma Rousseff.

  • Senado aparta a Rousseff del poder

    El Senado aprobó el proceso de destitución tras una sesión histórica. 

  • Rousseff's impeachment ruling to begin on August 25

    The final judgment of the impeachment process against the suspended president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, will begin on August 25.

  • Rousseff will increase government expenditure despite facing impeachment

    In a move aimed towards regaining popularity, the Brazilian president announced greater coverage for state benefits, despite a record budget deficit.

  • Rousseff will defend a plebiscite

    "I will give my full support to the initiation of a plebiscite, in order to promote the actualization of new elections and political reform in the country." - Rousseff

  • Rousseff to testify in Petrobras case

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, suspended from office pending her impeachment trial, has been called as a defense witness for a key figure in the Petrobras corruption scandal

  • Pressure on Brazil's Rousseff may rise as jobless lose benefits

    More than 2 million Brazilians are set to lose unemployment benefits by June, data obtained by Reuters show, threatening to erode support for embattled President Dilma Rousseff among her core working class supporters when she needs them most.

  • President Temer's first year after impeachment

    A year has passed since Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

  • No easy outcomes in Brazil’s political crisis

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff would appear to be, as she herself recently said, “a card out of the deck” of those in power, after the crushing defeat she suffered Sunday Apr. 17 in the lower house of Congress, which voted to impeach her.

  • No corruption charges for Dilma Rousseff

    A Brazilian Supreme Court magistrate rejected including accusations linking President Dilma Rousseff to the Petrobras corruption case in her own political trial, court sources reported.

  • Mercosur and Unasur can't agree on support for Dilma Rousseff

    Argentina is only prepared to express support for Brazil's institutions while Chile and Paraguay have balked at the idea of personalizing the issue in Rousseff and her Workers Party.

  • Lula returned to Brasilia to seek votes for Rousseff

    Lula is convinced that the proposal for a referendum on new presidential elections, advocated by some senators allied with Rousseff, is not enough to reverse the impeachment.

  • El nuevo mapa político tras el Impeachment de Rousseff

    Las relaciones políticas de los paises latinoamericans se verán afectadas. 

  • Ecuador shows support for Rousseff

    Ecuador will review its ties with Brazil should that country’s Senate decide to permanently remove suspended President Dilma Rousseff

  • Dilma's last idea to get back to power

    Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff has pledged to hold early elections if she survives a vote on her removal from office in an impeachment trial that is expected to conclude this month.

  • Dilma is out and Temer still in

    The Brazilian Senate approved the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff (PT). With the decision, Michel Temer (PMDB) will take office as president definitely on Wednesday, August 31 to finish the term until the end of 2018.

  • Dilma impeachment has the support of 48 senators

    The expectation is that the senators will finish the voting on Tuesday night or in the early morning on Wednesday (the 31st).

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