• Three Ladies in Distress

    Spring arrived on a dark note for three politically relevant ladies: Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Dilma Rousseff.

  • Three cheers For Rio, thumbs down for the IOC

    The 2016 Olympics host Rio de Janeiro is finally basking in some glory. It had to overcome many obstacles and the ridicule of the West; and the games were in jeopardy until the very last day.

  • There has never been a better time for Latin American integration

    In theory, internal borders should not exist in Mercosur. In practice, customs, sanitary inspections and other paperwork mean that the trucks are delayed for up to 24 hours

  • The Venezuela test

    Why Latin American governments refuse to stick up for democracy? one answer could be Latin American diplomats worry that suspending Venezuela from the OAS would not restore democracy.

  • The unspeakable and the inexplicable

    Why did Enrique Peña Nieto invite Donald Trump to visit Mexico? that is the question, was it a mistake or a well thought move?

  • The TPP and Chile’s foreign policy options

    The TPP is far more than a trade deal. Indeed, economic matters, as Messrs. Loong and Furche pointed out, aren’t even that important.

  • The toothless democracy clauses UNASUR/CELAC

    The net effect of these new bodies and their toothless, plagiarized democracy clauses has been to create parallel forums more favorable to the interests of autocrats.

  • The Scope of Hate in 2016

    The F.B.I. hasn’t released hate crime data for 2016 yet, but in November it reported a total of 5,850 hate crimes in 2015, up from 5,479 in 2014.

  • The Real Reason Apple Is Fighting the FBI

    Beyond the debate about unlocking a single man's phone is the struggle for Tech Freedom

  • Mohammed bin Salman

    The Promising Crisis in Saudi Arabia

    Purging rivals is often a bad sign. But in this case it may show an impatience to reform.

  • The populist syndrome in Latin America

    What do we mean when we describe a politician or a government as populist? How is it possible to put Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro into the same bag?

  • The phrase 'economic development' has bad associations in Latin America

    There are better ways of living; we don’t have to prioritise growth above everything else

  • The OAS and Venezuela: is that it?

    Did I miss something? After the big build-up to the June 23 meeting of the Permanent Council convened by Secretary General Luis Almagro, the event didn’t even end with a whimper: it ended with lunch. No vote

  • The Luddite Syndrome in the Americas

    The Americas are poised to experience several development blockers as some of its leaders believe that progress entails institutional destruction in lieu of institutional refurbishment.

  • The limits of technocratic government

    Peru’s refreshing new president lacks political know-how. The result is that the government has wavered in its approach to Ms Fujimori’s party, which has a majority in congress.

  • The left on the run in Latin America

    A brighter future for struggling Latin Americans, ultimately, will require leaders who are accountable to their citizens.

  • The Left has not failed

    The Left has not failed

    Although it seems that after the last elections the Left has suffered a serious setback, it also seems that it has not failed in its approaches

  • The ideas of wisdom in Venezuela

    18 years of copycatting the Cuban revolution, have brought the largest depository of proven oil reserves to be unable to secure power for its households.

  • The healthy roots of corruption anger in Latin America

    Corruption scandals have exploded across Latin America in recent years. Has corruption, or the perception of corruption, suddenly spiked?  - The answer is no.

  • The Free-Market Case for Climate Science

    Are you someone who has faith in the power of free markets? Then you should naturally accept the evidence that human activity is bringing about climate change.

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