• Por qué el 10 de enero es una fecha tan importante para Venezuela

    Hay una fecha que desde hace meses está marcada en rojo en el calendario de mucho venezolanos: el 10 de enero de 2017.

  • Pope Francis, get out of Venezuela. You’re only making things worse.

    Many of us have praised Pope Francis for his humbleness and for his tolerance toward victims of discrimination who had long been neglected by the Vatican, but it’s time to tell him loud and clear: Get out of Venezuela.

  • Politics: A discredited profession

    Young Latin Americans are political, but are not becoming politicians. The discredit of politics and the alienation of the young are common to democracies around the world.

  • Pokemon Go and our Latam addiction

    The app that everyone is talking about has gained terrain in the region.

  • Petrobras scandal highlights the need for a deep reform in Brazil

    As the Petrobras investigation has expanded, so too has the fear factor in Brasília. Certain members of Brazil's congress are accused of collaborating with company officials and contractors to extract bribes.

  • Peru’s president-elect demands freedoms in Venezuela

    In a post-election interview, he said Venezuela should free political prisoners and allow its congress to pass laws. If allowed to govern by his country’s opposition, Kuczynski could turn Peru into an even bigger success story

  • Peru’s greatest politico-socio-economic challenge

    The willingness and perceived legitimacy to use violence against the state is Peru’s cultural challenge of the generation.

  • Peligro de una crisis de refugiados venezolanos

    Ahora que el presidente venezolano Nicolás Maduro parece estar cerrando todos los caminos para una resolución pacífica de la crisis de su país, la comunidad internacional debería presionarlo de manera mucho más enérgica para que permita un referéndum constitucional este año. De lo contrario, es probable que veamos una crisis de refugiados venezolanos que afectará a toda Latinoamérica.

  • Paula Rincón:

    Paula Rincón: "a las mujeres no les falta nada"

    Una entrevista a la gestora de TedxBogotá Mujeres

  • Papa Francisco, ¡dé un paso atrás en Venezuela!

    Muchos de nosotros hemos alabado al Papa Francisco por su humildad y su tolerancia por las víctimas de la discriminación que el Vaticano había ignorado durante mucho tiempo, pero es hora de decirle alto y claro: ¡salga de Venezuela!

  • Our country of the year by The Economist

    Which country improved the most in 2016?  Colombia

  • Osos olímpicos

    Algunos países que persiguen el sueño de convertirse en grandes potencias invierten enormes recursos para brillar como sedes de los Juegos Olímpicos y los campeonatos mundiales de fútbol.

  • On the Difficulties of Fighting Barbarism in Latin America

    Latin America's leadership repeatedly counts among the region's achievements its holistic embrace of progress and rejection of a barbaric past.

  • On Donald Trump, Hugo Chavez and their respective elites

    As the "Rocky Horror Show" (AKA American Presidential Election according to a British nobleman) draws to a close, one too many are trying to understand how could this ordeal happened.

  • México lindo y querido

    Nuestro México

    México lindo y querido, si muero lejos de ti, que digan que estoy dormido y que me traigan a ti

  • No easy outcomes in Brazil’s political crisis

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff would appear to be, as she herself recently said, “a card out of the deck” of those in power, after the crushing defeat she suffered Sunday Apr. 17 in the lower house of Congress, which voted to impeach her.

  • Nicaragua fourth time unlucky

    Daniel Ortega, a former guerrilla commander who first won the presidency in 1985, is almost certain to win a third consecutive term, and his fourth overall.

  • Next president must continue Obama’s progress on clean energy

    So much of America’s future is at stake in the 2016 presidential election. But let’s focus for a moment on just one area — energy and the environment — where the Obama administration has made startling progress that could be reversed if either of the GOP front-runners becomes president.

  • New Technology:  Neither Feared Nor Trusted

    New Technology: Neither Feared Nor Trusted

    A better approach would be to develop and manage it.

  • Neighbors stand up to Venezuela

    This summer, Venezuela was poised to assume the rotating presidency of Mercosur. But many heads of state are considering blocking Venezuela, at least temporarily, citing the erosion of democracy there.

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