• Venezuela and the eclipse of American leadership

    Venezuela’s steady descent into chaos has repeatedly prompted pundits like me to predict that the authoritarian populist regime founded by Hugo Chávez was doomed to collapse, or be ousted. 

  • Venezuela and Colombia to partially reopen border

    Colombia and Venezuela have agreed to partially reopen their border, almost a year after it was closed.

  • Venezuela 'coup': Alarm grows as court takes power

    There have been demonstrations in Venezuela after the Supreme Court took over legislative powers from the National Assembly.

  • Venezuela -- It's the Geopolitics Stupid!!

    The all-encompassing tragedy devouring Venezuela has been front page material for over a month.

  •  Venezuela's Suprem Court

    US sanctions 8 judges on Venezuela's Suprem Court

    The U.S. imposed a new round of sanctions on high-level Venezuelan officials, this time targeting eight Supreme Court judges

  • United States: new sanctions imposed on Venezuelan officials

    United States: new sanctions imposed on Venezuelan officials

    Four more officials add up to the 40 high-profile ones sanctioned by the US for corruption and repression during the government of Maduro

  • UN Security Council to examine situation in Venezuela

    The United Nations Security Council will analyze the situation in Venezuela on Wednesday in an informal closed-door meeting, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.

  • Two-day week Venezuela amid energy crisis

    Venezuela's government has imposed a two-day working week for public sector workers as a temporary measure to help it overcome a serious energy crisis.

  • Turkey vs USA: lessons for Venezuela

    Turkey vs USA: lessons for Venezuela

    With a new ban on visas, both governments escalated into a conflict that may shed some light on what could happen in Venezuela

  • Trump should not turn his back on Latin America

    It is time for the Trump administration to pay at least some attention to Latin America. Even bankrupt Venezuela has been quicker and more generous than the United States during the tragedy that devastated Peru

  • Trump may weaken OAS — and efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela

    After decades of irrelevance under previous leaderships, the 34-country OAS has become the region's best option to restore democracy in Venezuela.

  • three opposition lawmakers resign in concession to Maduro

    ‘Vote of confidence’ in Vatican talks as trio who were banned by supreme court, but reinstated by parliament, step aside for elections

  • The Venezuelan refugees

    The Venezuelan refugees

    The citizens of the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves, now experience, for the very first time, what being a refugee is like

  • The Venezuelan collapse could mean fall of Petrocaribe

    The market is pricing that Venezuela will default in the coming months. With almost $2 billion in debt due in October. As with the default, the existence of PetroCaribe is a matter of time and this will bring economic instability to Central America and the Caribbean.

  • The Venezuela test

    Why Latin American governments refuse to stick up for democracy? one answer could be Latin American diplomats worry that suspending Venezuela from the OAS would not restore democracy.

  • The push for Maduro's exit

    A Venezuelan opposition coalition has announced how it plans to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office.

  • The other victims of Venezuela's shortages

    About 50 animals in one of Venezuela's main zoos are reported to have died of hunger over the last six months because of chronic food shortages.

  • The OAS and Venezuela: is that it?

    Did I miss something? After the big build-up to the June 23 meeting of the Permanent Council convened by Secretary General Luis Almagro, the event didn’t even end with a whimper: it ended with lunch. No vote

  • The left on the run in Latin America

    A brighter future for struggling Latin Americans, ultimately, will require leaders who are accountable to their citizens.

  • The ideas of wisdom in Venezuela

    18 years of copycatting the Cuban revolution, have brought the largest depository of proven oil reserves to be unable to secure power for its households.


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