• Chico O´Farrill returns to Cuba

    Arturo O'Farrill, the son of the "afrocuban jazz architect" Chico O'Farrill, will finally fulfill his father's desire. After the improvement of the relations between the US and Cuba, the remains of the illustrious Cuban trumpeter will rest in peace in his island, just as he wanted. 

  • Cuba pardons 787 inmates after Pope's call for mercy

    Those pardoned include female, young and sick prisoners but not those who have committed "extremely dangerous" crimes such as murder or rape, a statement read.

  • Cuba and France assess development projects

    Cuban and French officials on Wednesday held an initial meeting in Havana to define potential investment projects French companies could carry out on the Communist-ruled island.

  • US abstains from UN vote against Cuba embargo

    The US has for the first time abstained from voting against an annual UN resolution calling for an end to its economic embargo against Cuba.

  • Cuba goes to the U.S. with Omara Portuondo

    Cuban singer Omara Portuondo, one of the founders of the emblematic Buena Vista Social Club, begins a US tour celebrating the 85 years that meets this month, with more than 70 on stage. 

  • Deciphering new Cuba regulations: 5 changes that could prove significant

    Deep within the bureaucratic language of the latest round of regulatory changes are four other rules that could prove significant.

  • Havana lashes out against Obama directive on friendlier Cuba policy

    The Cuban government showed its discontent during a series of protests across the island that paralyzed universities and other schools under the slogan “Hornet’s nests against the blockade,” a reference to the U.S. trade embargo.

  • Hurricane Matthew slams Cuba

    Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful storm to strike the Caribbean in nine years, made landfall on Tuesday in southeastern Cuba packing sustained winds of up to 240 kph (149 mph), the island’s Insmet weather service said.

  • Havana Club set to enter U.S. market the minute the embargo disappears

    Cuba’s Havana Club rum is set to enter the U.S. market “even if it were to open tomorrow,” according to executives of the firm that exports 75 percent of its production.

  • First US ambassador to Cuba in more than 50 years

    President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated career diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis to be the first U.S. ambassador to Cuba, but Senate Republicans are likely to block his nomination.

  • Che Guevara era closes as Latin America's oldest guerrilla army calls it a day

    The Farc’s peace deal in Colombia marks the effective end of a wave of rebel movements inspired by the Cuban revolution, with just a few small groups left

  • Iranian minister's trip to Cuba

    As The US raises concern about Iran's influence in Latam, some experts argue that Iran doesn’t have much to offer the region

  • Cuba and Iran seek to strengthen economic ties

    The Iranian Foreign Minister seeks to start a new chapter in Iran’s relations with Cuba on his one-day visit, before continuing his tour with stops in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela

  • Cuban market strategy, first step: Go to Cuba!

    Cuba is open for business, but it’s complicated. It is run by the Cubans, for what the Cubans want

  • Openly complaining in Cuba: That's new

    Leading dissident Antonio Rodiles has been arrested more than 50 times this year, but he says he has moments of optimism about political change in Cuba

  • American and Cuban bankers hold historic meeting

    The U.S.-Cuba banking relationship was severed on Sept. 17, 1960, when Cuba confiscated Chase, National City Bank of New York and Bank of Boston branches on the island.

  • Cuba blames US for surge in 'unsafe' migration

    Tens of thousands have left Cuba in the past two years, taking perilous routes to reach the US.

  • New oil deposits discovered in northern Cuba

    The Australian company MEO Australia Ltd has found light oil on the northern coast of Cuba. Officials say further research must be done before determining oil's quality

  • Colombia to deport Cubans gathered near Panama border

    Turbo is the main Caribbean port in Colombia’s Uraba region and, due to its geographic position, it is used by Cubans, Asians and Africans as a springboard for traveling to the United States via Panama.

  • Where is LatAm in the DNC and RNC party platforms?

    Republicans warn of dangers while Democrats focus on engagement; the border wall is just one Latin American issue the parties disagree on, and Cuba is a particular sore spot for Republicans.

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