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In Maduro-era Venezuela, opposition candidates know where to go to talk to voters. “All you have to do is go to the lines,” as a opposition candidate says. For the first time, many of the candidates seeking to enter parliament came of age during the presidency of Hugo Chávez.
Could you develop a stronger relationship with yourself? Here are six ways to do it and five truths you may discover in having a more loving relationship with yourself.
The start of 2015 finds Latin America turned into a leaderless region, in which the countries with the biggest political clout in recent years — Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico — have been significantly weakened by domestic troubles
Images and references to alcohol and tobacco in popular video games may be influencing UK teens who play the games and the age restriction system is not working, according to a new study.
If Latam summons images of political turmoil, populist tyrants, religous mania and epic corruption, think agaoin: Tiny Uruguay, pulling itself up by its bootstraps, has morphed into one of the most progressive nations on earth
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