Petrobras’s Lesson for Latin America

We Ignore Cronyism at Our Peril.  In the wake of the scandal surrounding Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras, we would do well to analyze the role of state enterprises in the Americas.

Colombia sells Isagen controlling stake to Brookfield for $2B

Colombia’s government sold its 57.6% stake in energy company Isagen to Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management for $1.99 billion, the finance minister said on Wednesday.

The Venezuelan collapse could mean fall of Petrocaribe

The market is pricing that Venezuela will default in the coming months. With almost $2 billion in debt due in October. As with the default, the existence of PetroCaribe is a matter of time and this will bring economic instability to Central America and the Caribbean.

Stay or Go? that is the question for cuban entrepreneurs

As tens of thousands of Cuban millennials give up on Cuba and head north, a big part of an expanding class of entrepreneurs who are opting to remain, betting on Cuba’s future despite serious challenges.

Chile finds economic growth in innovative stardup

Chile has competitive assets to support a transition toward an economy that generates value through knowledge and innovation

Olympics will not help Brazil's economy

Even though some businesses will benefit greatly from the event, Moody’s assures that the positive impacts on the nation’s economy will be limited.

Cuba legalises small and medium private businesses

Cuba's government has announced that it is legalising small and medium-sized private businesses.

Negotiations underway to explore Mexican Gulf oil reservoirs

Mexico's Pemex is looking to sell extraction rights to massive deep sea oil reservoirs in the gulf, Exxon, Total and Chevron are the leading prospects. 

The monopoly in Peru’s beer market

Backus and Johnston, daughter company of SAB Miller controls 95% of the market and distributes the three most popular brands.

Uber thrived in LatAm despite fierce opposition

The cab-hailing company tripled their number of journeys during the first months of the year even when their permanence is subject of controversy.

Telecom Oi Files for Brazil's Biggest Ever Bankruptcy Protection

After restructuring talks with its national and international creditors failed, Brazilian telecommunications operator Oi filed a request for bankruptcy protection this Monday

Spanish construction giant FCC gets stronger footing in LatAm

Under Carlos Slim’s guidance, the IBEX 35 construction firm has earned its first major contract in the region.

El Salvador looks towards new strategies to stimulate growth

The Salvadorian Association for Private Business presented a new package with proposals to rekindle growth and strengthen El Salvador’s economy.

Venezuela, Iran seeking consensus to stabilise oil markets

Venezuela and Iran continue to seek consensus on ways to stabilise oil markets and strengthen OPEC

Agribusiness exports may help brazil out of economic crisis fastes

Brazilian agribusiness exporters however must first do away with barriers of quotas, tariffs and accusations of not meeting international health standards.

Domestic and foreign issues pressure Brazilian Real markets

Possible U.S. Fed hike of interest rates and difficulty in approving structural reforms at home, lead to appreciation of U.S. dollar, fall of market.

Havana Club set to enter U.S. market the minute the embargo disappears

Cuba’s Havana Club rum is set to enter the U.S. market “even if it were to open tomorrow,” according to executives of the firm that exports 75 percent of its production.

Mexico and Costa Rica reach impasse over avocado markets

Costa Rica has blockaded avocado imports from Mexico as they consider the continued risks pertaining the disease known as ‘mancha del sol’.

How an armed robbery may have changed Brazil’s smartphone market

With the highest average iPhone price in the world, Brazil’s smartphone market was pushing away consumers, entrepreneurs might have the solution.

Argentina lowers interest rates for businesses as inflation tends to subside

The decision follows the conviction that gradually “we will have a substantial improvement in the economy, with inflation trending lower”

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