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'Space: the final frontier.' It's a phrase that is often quoted, made famous by the TV series Star Trek. Of course we still have a number of frontiers on this planet we live on, most notably, perhaps, the great depths of the oceans. Nevertheless, mankind's fascination with outer space continues. And in reality we have innumerable things to discover in the universe; in many ways the journey of discovery is only beginning. Yet so far, some impressive things have happened. Here we look at six of those memorable moments. ‘El espacio: la última frontera’ es una frase, usualmente citada, que se hizo famosa por la famosa serie de televisión ‘Star Trek’. Por supuesto, tenemos innumerables fronteras en este plantea en el que vivimos, la mas notable de todas, quizás, las profundidades del océano. Sin embargo, la raza humana se ha fascinado siempre con el espacio exterior. En realidad, hay muchas cosas por descubrir en el universo y su exploración está recién empezando. Hasta ahora, algunas cosas impresionantes han sucedido. A continuación se presentan 6 momentos memorables en la exploración espacial.
An old joke about Latin America’s corruption that is making the rounds on the Internet says government officials from several countries were asked the same question: “Honestly, what’s your opinion about hunger in the rest of the world?”
Discover the foods that accelerate the aging process and skin deterioration due to the chemicals and fats they contain
Some 80,000 jobs were created in Chile last year. That compares to 200,000 jobs created when the economy of the top copper exporter was booming in 2011.
Corruption in mainly liberal, or left, governments might be flipping the scale 
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