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German tuner MTM unveiled this dazzling supercar at the Geneva Motor Show. The MTM R8 Biturbo with 777 hp / 571 kW is equipped with a revised 5.2-litre V10 engine, and received 700 hours of aluminium chassis polishing.
The UN World Health Organization says 6.5 million people die annually from air pollution, with nearly 90% of them occurring in low and middle-income countries. 
The neighborhood was founded and built entirely by women fleeing Colombia’s violence. And while men do live here, it’s the women who hold the property titles, call the shots and keep the neighborhood thriving.
The dictatorships of the twentieth-century still leave open wounds in Latin America, the region with more impunity, according to the Global Impunity Index
Being bullied during childhood might have lifelong health effects related to chronic stress exposure, including an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes in adulthood. 
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