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It was born 30 days ago as an independent institute, but has been working for 20 years as the Blood Center. Dozens of lives have been saved thanks to his public banks of blood, tissues and umbilical cord.
With some lifestyle adjustments, eating right foods, relieving stress or treating the underlying medical problem you can notice significant improvement. Ideally, combination of tips listed above will help you boost your endurance in bed.
The controversial Brazilian politician who led the impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff, Eduardo Cunha, has resigned from his post as speaker of the lower house of Congress.
In Moscow, activists march over new censorship regulations
Corruption blocks the ability of governments to provide basic services to citizens, undermines people's trust in democracy and is often tied to cross-border crime, including drug trafficking, organized crime and money laundering. Is our culture the birth place for this outrageous phenomenon?
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