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Give me some memes in a big glass please

Alcohol can be bad for your health, but these memes are not

Jair Bolsonaro, Jose Antonio Kast, Maria Fernanda Cabal, Javier Milei

Christmas is here and Santa comes loaded with memes for you

Christmas is the happiest time of the year, no matter the Covid, no matter the weather, this time is full of love, good wishes and full of memes

FIDES Special Olympics

These memes can be good for your health

Health is not a joke, ... well, it is when you find these memes

Still from the movie 'The Little Mermaid'

Online shopping memes just because they are fun

Christmas is almost here and for those who have not yet made their purchases we present these online shopping memes


Capricorn season memes are finally here

Capricorn seasson is finally here and with it the time to celebrate, and that is why we welcome it with these memes

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Animal Crossing'

The best video games of 2020

Despite the coronavirus, this was a good year for the video game industry. These are the best titles that were released in 2020


We found some crazy animals in memes

Every nowhere we see dogs and cats as protagonists of excellent memes, but there are animals in memes and they are great too

cannes film festival

What to give to the little ones this holidays?

Every time we get to these holidays, Santa Claus has doubts about what is convenient to give, especially in this economic crisis

Gynecologist performing an ultrasound

If lawyers were creators of memes, law would be really funny

Law is a career that requires a lot of study and great dedication, just like making memes about lawyers

Chilean patagonia

Memes are part of a healthy diet

We believe that you should eat healthy, but we find the memes that lead us to the contrary

Daddy Yankee, Whitney Houston and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Daddy Yankee, Whitney Houston and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make headlines this week

Top-of-the-line releases, movies about music legends and a juicy deal are the news of the week


Memes have social distancing too

Some turn to poetry, others to humor in these times of social distancing, but we turn to memes

Invitation WEF

The best memes about Pfizer

This week vaccinations began worldwide with the Pfizer vaccine, and with the vaccines came the memes about this brand and the vaccine

Still from the films 'La Llorona', 'Carrie'

Buying memes for christmas

I will honor Christmas in my heart, but not with my wallet, but for those who have already spent their savings, we give you these memes as a gift

oil extraction machinery

5 Ideas For Fun and Unforgettable Virtual Celebrations

It's the holiday season, and you're asking yourself: how do I celebrate with my team and have fun at the same time?


Some of the Breakfast memes

If some of your friends are discussing the best way to make a toasted sandwich for breakfast, you can enjoy breakfast memes while they do it

gabriel boric

Let's laugh with these 5G memes

This week has been full of news about 5G technology, for its multiple implementation processes in Europe and Latin America and of course the memes could not be missing

Athlete reaching the finish line of a marathon

Best Saturday Vikings memes

This is why this series deserves a shield wall made of memes

Leonel Messi

Why did Lennon and The Lord of the Rings make headlines this week?

This week marked 40 years since the world lost former Beatle John Lennon and the new Lord of the Rings series is getting ready

Bad Bunny in boxing ring

Memes about Covid face masks

2020 brought a new garment to our wardrobe, the face mask and with it the memes that you can't miss