Woman standing at the top of a building

Know More About VSCO Girls

VSCO girls are taking over the internet but, what are they? This new trend among young girls is pretty famous on Instagram and TikTok. 


Best Couple Memes for December

December has arrived and although it is not a month of romantic love, it is perfect to spend as a couple, hence today's memes


Sunday memes for gamers

If memes gave extra lives, gamers would spend them creating memes


With the sales come the Black Friday memes

More and more Black Friday looks like the Hunger Games

Lady Gaga, 'Minecraft' Game Capture and Queen's 'Greatest Hits' Album Cover

Lady Gaga returns to the movies and other news

This week was packed with news, including the Bullet Train project with Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt

Dr Carlos Peñalosa and a little girl dressed up as a superhero

This is How Our Children See Us in Their Minds

The characters of fantastic stories and also those of "flesh and blood" have become references for young and old


Pass the turkey and the Thanksgiving memes

I would count my blessings on Thanksgiving, especially the memes, but not keeping up with the hours


The best golf memes

In primitive societies, when native tribes beat the ground with clubs and screamed, it was called witchcraft; today, in civilized society, it is called golf, hence today's memes

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Kingdom hearts'

The best Kingdom Hearts games

One of the most beloved sagas of recent times has a new installment


Sagittarius season memes are here

How are we getting into Sagittarius season this week? That's right: with memes


Let's laugh with these Among Us memes

You've probably heard of Among Us by now, given the number of people discussing it and the number of memes on social media

Hand holding a cellphone with the game 'I'm Ping Pong King'

The best short smartphone games to relax quickly

Let's see the fastest proposals to satisfy your gamer desires


The best drivers' memes

Driving is part of modern life, so are bad driver memes


Memes for rainy days

There are few pleasures like enjoying memes while it rains outside


Netflix memes

We all have funny stories with Netflix, here we present you some memes with which you can feel related

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Wonder Woman 1984',

Wonder Woman 84 release date and other news of the week

Alejandro Sanz announced his virtual concert and Wonder Woman 84 will surprise us at the end of this year


No pain - no gain, and other fitness memes

We know that there are people who take their physical training very seriously, but fitness can be a lot of fun


Memes for travelers

There are few experiences in the world more enriching than travel, and travel memes can't be left behind


Memes when everything reminds us of FRIENDS

"Chadler" just confirmed the Friends reunion in March 2021, that's why we bring the real life memes as seen by Friends


The memes got here before the PS5

What do you get from joining the PS5 and Social Media? … The best memes collection