Zury Rios and Sandra Torres

Best memes on Bernie Sanders in Joe Biden's posession

We bring you the best humorous material on Bernie Sanders' attitude during possession

Men in a wood house

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, the game everyone's talking about?

The Assassin's Creed saga is one of the most recognized on the planet. Therefore, its new installment woke up his fans. Does it live up to expectations?

Julian Alvarez

With its season, here they are: best aquarius memes

This week the Aquarius season began and we bring you the best memes about it.

Soldiers in the operation to rescue children in the jungles of Guaviare, Colombia

Best memes on US Capitol

Here are the best memes that left that day


The most important graphic leaps in the history of videogames

These are some of the video game titles that surprised us with their technology

streaming platforms

Best memes on Kanye and Kim's Divorce

Here is the best humor on the internet about the divorce of one of the most important marriages in American entertainment industry


We have new Wandavision memes

This year Wandavision comes to streaming television and we already have the memes for you

Still from the movie 'Extortion'

We build these memes with LEGO

LEGO is one of the most popular toys in the world, and this is why today we present Lego-memes


Start your week with this Monday memes

The first Monday of 2021 could not have other memes except in which we make fun of Monday

Gustavo Petro

Entertainment trends in 2021

2020 represented a huge change in entertainment. What will 2021 be like?

Lionel Messi

December's best viral videos

We start this year with some of the funniest viral videos of December 2020

Emoji with a pensive face and behind a background of mountains with a lake

New year, new resolutions, new memes

2021 has already started and with it the New Year's resolutions and its memes

police from Chile

2021 New Year memes

As expected, it is only January the 1st and there are already a lot of memes about 2021 and we will show you the best

Lionel Messi and Daddy Yankee

We say goodbye to 2020 with memes

Today is the end of 2020 and how couldn´t it be otherwise we send it off  with some really good memes

 Harry Kane

Brexit memes are here

Brexit starts this January 1, but the memes have already arrived and today we present some of the best


Virtual meetings are perfect for our memes

Everything that happens, or not, in virtual meetings are part of our memes today

woman holding a red ribbon

The celebrities who left us in this 2020

This year, so atypical due to the pandemic, many people died. Among them, some well-known celebrities. Let's see the most iconic cases

Luton Town Stadium

We have the latest Covid 20 memes

They have just announced the Covid 19 vaccine and we woke up to the news of a new strain that on Social Media has been called Covid 20 and we already have it's memes

Still from the series 'Medellin', 'The Idol', 'The Crowded Room'

The best Putin memes

Few political personalities generate so much attention from meme creators, that's why today we present this small collection of memes


Singles' memes for the holidays

These is the time in which the affection for family, friends and couple is recognized. But there will always be singles and we celebrate them with these memes