Best Pikachu Memes

This cute Pokemon is the protagonist of many memes, let's see which are our favorites


Here it is: our favorites memes collection

It's Sunday again and what better way to start the break than with our weekly compilation of memes


Memes to enjoy if you are the only one still in lockdown

Maybe you feel that you are the only one still locked up respecting biosecurity measures. Pay attention to these memes


Best Memes on Latest Royal Family Scandal

Here is the best of the humorous content from Oprah Winfrey's interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Still from the video game 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

The Legend of Zelda: one of the most successful video game sagas in history

Faced with the 35th anniversary of this iconic franchise, we decided to review the past, present and future of Link and company


Best diverse memes to laugh this Wednesday

It's already Wednesday and it's meme day. We bring you our favorites from this week so far.


Best memes on Sunday rest

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Elena Diaz Granados

Elena Diaz Granados: Path of a Plus-Size Model

Plus-size model, Elena Diaz Granados, talks to The Woman Post about self-love, social media, and her own journey of falling in love with herself. 


Best memes for middle week

March is here again and to lighten your midweek weight, we bring you our favorite memes.


Best memes to welcome March

The third month of the year arrives and with it we bring you some memes on diverse topics

Videogame 'Space Invaders'

Nostalgy: Let's Remember Old Mobile Games

Games for mobile phones were widespread long before the iPhone and Android began to fight for this market segment. However, the emergence of new devices and ideologies have significantly changed the picture

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Miitopia'

Most important news of Nintendo Direct 2021 (part 2)

Let's see all the announcements of the mega event of the Japanese company that revealed many video games for this year


Best Piscis Season Memes

Here the best of the astrological humor of the social networks

Frame of the video game trailer 'Outer Wilds'

Most important news of Nintendo Direct 2021

The new Nintendo event brought all the news corresponding to the company's video games this year


Laugh with this Sunday Memes

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Best Memes on Colombian Vaccines

Regarding the arrival of vaccines in Colombia, we bring our best memes about vaccination


Best Valentines Memes

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Best Simpson Memes

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The worst Spider-Man video games

Video game adaptations of Marvel's superhero aren't always good. Let's find out which have been the worst Spider-Man titles!