Best memes to start the week

Here our favorties of the weekend

Frame of the video game 'FIFA 21'

FIFA 21: all the details of its launch

The highly anticipated soccer simulator game, known as FIFA 20, has already been announced by EA Sports


More Sunday Memes

Our favorites to end the week


More pandemic memes

Here our favorites of the week!


Best memes to survive a partyless Friday

Here our favorites of the week!

Still from the video clip 'Negro' by J Balvin, still from the movie 'Respect' and Shakira.

J Balvin's new song and 4 other entertainment news

Here is our weekly summary of the most relevant news in the entertainment world


Best memes to laugh this Thursday

Here our favorites of the wee so far!


Best Memes to start July

Here our favorites to begin this month!


Since it is already July, more memes

Here our favorites to start the month


More Monday Memes

Here our favorites for this Monday

Frame from the video game trailer 'Grand Theft Auto V'

The best games for the upcoming PlayStation 5

After the official launch of the PS5, many new video game announcements for the console also emerged. Let's see the best


Here they come once again our Sunday Memes

Here, our favorites of the week!


Here it is! Our Saturday Memes

Here our favorites for this Saturday!


Best Friday Memes

Here our favorites of the week!

Ciro Guerra, Halle Berry and Frame from the film 'Rifkin’s Festival'

Complaints about Ciro Guerra and other news of the week

Here are the news of this week in the world of entertainment


More Cancerian Memes

Here our favorites on this topic!


Memes to forget is middle-year

Here our favorites!

Man holding a cell phone showing the 'Tik Tok' application

Tik Tok and K-pop: the new activism?

There was a lot of confusion last Saturday regarding the low audience of Donald Trump's Tulsa rally, here is everything you should know about it 


Best Cancer Sign Memes

Here our favorites on Cancer Sign


More Mercury Retrograde Memes

Here more of our favorites!

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