Hacker photo behind a row of codes

"Pegasus": What Is It And Why Is It So Powerful?

Spyware Pegasus has once again become a trend in the world, after hackers used this app to steal private information from the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez

Symbols of man and woman

Chile Raises Hope for Gender Equality

The protests that took place in Chile two years ago started because of an increase in the metro subway ticket of 0.04 dollars, but there was much more. The riots and demonstrations demanded social equality and the resignation of President Piñera.

Donald Trump with Lopez Obrador

Donald Trump Reuses His Electoral Formula: Mexico the External Enemy

The recent statements of former US President Donald Trump seem inspired by his successful campaign for the White House in 2016

Woman holding a sign that says 'I Stand With Ukraine'

How Is the War on Ukraine Impacting Women?

The war worsens pre-existing inequalities, especially for older women and single mothers, who make up the majority of socio-economically deprived people in Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron

In France Emmanuel Macron Won, but What Is the Cost?

The current French president, Emmanuel Macron, managed to defeat Marine Le Pen in the second round and will repeat his mandate. However, growing support from the far-right causes concern


Rural woman with lotus flowers

7 Inequalities Experienced by Rural Women

In general, women spend more time on unpaid domestic work, and in rural areas, the percentage is growing considerably. But why? Is there greater discrimination against rural women?

queen elizabeth ii

Platinum Jubilee for the 96th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth of England

Queen Elizabeth II of England, whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and who assumed her reign for 70 years, will celebrate her 96th birthday with various activities in the month of June, although her date of birth is on April.

Elon Musk visited the works of the German Tesla factory in Gruenheide.

Elon Musk's Twitter: Freedom Sanctuary or Fake News?

The businessman, the richest in the world, has set his sights on Twitter for his purchase, but what implications would this have?

Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen and Juan Fernando Quintero

Latin America in Short: Presidential Elections in France | Juan Fernando Quintero Injured

This Sunday there will be presidential elections in France. In sports, on the other hand, this week Juan Fernando Quintero was injured. These and other news of the week summarized here

Monica Fonseca

Mónica Fonseca Building a Friendlier World for LGBTI

The Colombian journalist and podcaster Mónica Fonseca has made working to support feminism, inclusion, and sexual diversity priorities on her agenda.

Destroyed Russian tanks litter the streets of Bucha

What Is It and What Does It Mean that Russia Can Enter the List of Countries that Support Terrorism?

The United States is considering placing the Eurasian country alongside North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Syria as one of the countries that seek to create terror in the world, taking into account the invasion in Ukraine



Marine LePen

Who Is Marine Le Pen and What Would a France Look Like with Her as President?

France could elect its first female president in history. Who is Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French extreme right?

Jennifer Rosales

Jenifer Paola Rosales, a Friendlier View of the Automotive Industry

Ten years in the Automotive Sector has made Jenifer Paola Rosales one of the most recognized women in this industry, standing out for her personal and professional qualities in an environment considered for years as men's.

two women wearing hijab

What Is Ramadan and What Does It Mean for Women?

The people who ideologically follow the doctrine of Islam constitute the second religious group in the world. Nearly one in four people is Muslim, making up 24.1% of the world's population.