Newborn in an incubator

The Pros and Cons of a Career in NICU Nursing

Neonatal nursing is one of the most highly sought-after sub-specialties of the nursing profession.

Doctor and patient in a hospital

First 10 days after leaving hospital carry high risk for COVID-19 patients, study finds

Comparison with heart failure and pneumonia patients shows much different pattern of 60-day readmission to hospital or death

Vegetables on a shelf

Food insecurity in a new international system

In a year where humanity has been exposed to multiple threats, a fundamental concern of humanity returns: food

View of the United States Congress

State of Georgia will define America's political future

The southern state will define 2 key seats in the US Senate on January 5

Man smoking while look at his smartphone

What makes COVID misinformation so tough to stop on social media?

Content containing misinformation was likely to evoke negative emotions such as fear, worry and disgust

Woman in black coat

Crises Bring Priority Solutions to Light

Last November, the XV edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting 2020 was held. 


Accounts on Instagram About The Roads to Success

Inspiration is the start of a great idea, a small amount of what you need to achieve something huge

Lab technician adding a solution to a plate

Medicine-carriers made from human cells can cure lung infections

A recent study shows a potential new strategy for treating infectious diseases, including COVID-19

Pediatric psychologist implements his own advice he gives to parents

Building resiliency in children as the COVID-19 pandemic continues through the holidays

Seasons of change can be difficult to navigate emotionally, not only for adults, but also for children

Jill Biden wearing a mask

New Horizons at The White House

Jill Biden is not exactly the woman behind a great man, she is used to being next door and often in front.


Doctor reviewing documents

COVID-19 amplifies inequalities in healthcare access for ethnic minority and migrant women

In their recent research paper, published in the Feminist Legal Studies journal, it is said existing barriers to medical care for these marginalized women have been intensified by the pandemic

Margaret Thatcher portrait

The Features that Make the Difference

Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Sydney barber

Radical Changes Towards Equity

Sydney Barber will be the first black woman to serve as a brigade commander in the Naval Academy's 175-year history.

Person holding t

New tool helps predict outcomes for COVID-19

A new assessment tool developed by Kaiser Permanente researchers and physicians helps guide clinical decisions in emergencies