Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro

Trump faces new impeachment and Maduro wants to eliminate cash

The most important political and economic news of this week

Students having a meeting

Study: Colleges can prevent 96% of COVID-19 infections with common measures

The study found that a combination of just two common measures--distancing and mandatory masks--prevents 87% of campus COVID-19 infections and costs only $170 per infection prevented

United States Capitol and Elon Musk

Chaos in Washington and a new "richest man in the world"

News in the United States and Venezuela made the front pages of the week

Tarana J. Burke

Inspiring Black Women Who Make Real Changes

For ethnic communities, the current confinement is not the only challenge they have faced throughout their lives.

Donald Trump during a press conference.

USA: How easy will the political transition be?

On January 20, Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States

Kamala harris

Brilliant Women Make Up the Presidential Cabinet in the United States

President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris are committed to appointing a diverse cabinet.

Jeanine Añez

Legal abortion in Argentina and other political news this week

Start the weekend well informed with the most important political and economic events in Latin America and the world

Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

Is Middle East Peace Approaching?

With the normalization of relations between Israel and some Arab countries, is it possible that Trump and Netanyahu are building peace in the Middle East?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Opinion: In the midst of the crisis, women have led the world

The role of various female world leaders has been exalted globally

COVID vaccination composition

Latam starts vaccination and other politics news of the week

Summary of the most important Political and Economic news of the week, so that you end it well informed

View of the Vatican

Modernity in the Vatican Causes Strong Controversy

The artwork that makes up the Vatican nativity scene is receiving a lot of attention.

People looking a store

Christmas Celebrations That You Did Not Imagine

All over the world, people celebrate Christmas in various ways. 

Joe Biden and person applying vaccine

What happened this week in politics and economics around the world?

Europe returns to quarantine, risk of a hard Brexit and vaccines against Covid approved in Latam, among other news this week

Claudia López, Lea T and Ana Tijoux

11 Latinas on the Global List of the Most Inspiring and Influential

2020 has been a year of many challenges. Most would say that it has had more lows than highs.