Donald trump

Donald Trump's Plans For 2024

Although it is not official, the most likely thing is that the former president dreams again of the most important executive position in the United States and we have a Donald Trump campaign by 2024

Oprah Winfrey, Lucy Hawking and Patricia Janiot

Outstanding Women in the Journalistic World

Some women have stood out in the profession of journalism over the years. We tell you who are the most important ones.

Diego Maradona and Pedro Castillo

Latin America in Short: A year Without Maradona and Pedro Castillo in Trouble Again

This week marks a year without Maradona. In politics, Europe in protest against new measures against COVID-19 and Pedro Castillo again in trouble for the resignation of his presidential secretary. All summarized here

Woman with hand up

You Can Also Contribute To Eliminate Violence Against Women

When many voices come together to raise a voice of protest against injustice by breaking the silence, the individual cry ceases to be mute.

Woman with sad expression

The Sensation of Helpfulness Allows the Increase of Violence

The feeling of loneliness, lack of credibility, and even the absence of punishment for the harasser, for whom the violence is generated, is a cause that prevents victims from reporting.

Woman walking down a street in Rome t Sebastian Piñera

Latin America in Short: New Wave of COVID-19 in Europe and Chile Does Not Remove Piñera

In Europe, a new wave of COVID-19 alarms the population. In Chile, Piñera is victorious and without dismissal. Here is a summary of the news of the week

Man smiling

Celebrating Men's Day Is Talking About Fairness and Balance

Every November 19, International Men's Day is celebrated, an opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to communities, societies, and families.

Vaccination Card against COVID 19

How Well Has The Vaccination Card Against COVID-19 Worked?

Several European countries have implemented the vaccination card against COVID-19 for months. Has it been efficient in reducing the cases of contagion of the coronavirus?

Kamala harris

How Has Kamala Harris Been Doing So Far?

Vice president Kamala Harris has been in office for more than ten months now. She has broken paradigms in politics as the first Black and Asian American female vice president in the United States.

Man sitting in the street

Alex Rodriguez, a Male Voice About Domestic Violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has entrenched gender violence that also surrounds a large percentage of men.

Boat with migrants in the middle of the ocean and Checo Pérez

Latin America in Short: Europe in Migratory Tensions and Checo Pérez Third in Formula 1

This week the political tension in Europe due to the migration crisis increased. However, in sports, Checo Pérez made history in Formula 1. All summarized here

Parents reading with thier children

Every Moment You Share Readings With Your Young Child Is a Treasure

The adult reading the book can make it come to life and turn it into a language-rich experience for the child.

Leydy pech

There Is No Justification for These Inequalities Towards Indigenous Women

No more fragility for the female gender of the new generations in the post-pandemic.

Child looking at map

Instill Independence and Confidence, Key to the Future of Children

We all know that independent children feel confident when it comes to taking care of themselves.