Child looking at map

Instill Independence and Confidence, Key to the Future of Children

We all know that independent children feel confident when it comes to taking care of themselves.  

Photo camera with a passport on a map

Gallery: Countries That "Sell" Their Nationality

In various parts of the world, you can obtain citizenship by investment, which would allow you to have the rights and duties of that country

Protest for the right to legal, safe and free abortion

Real Changes Towards Women Through Democracy

Real changes towards women are achieved through democratic actions without fanaticism.

United States President Joe Biden and Pope Francis

Politics And Religion: What The Meeting Between Biden And Pope Francis Left

In a meeting full of symbolism, both leaders strengthened ties as the most powerful Catholics in the world. What conclusions could be drawn from the meeting between Biden and Pope Francis?

Daniel Ortega and COP26 Leaders

Latin America in Short: Elections in Nicaragua and COP26 Advances

The elections in Nicaragua will take place this weekend as COP26 progresses, in which world leaders discuss how to curb climate change. These news and more summarized here

Edith Lucia Fuentes

Edith Lucia Fuentes: Her Mark in Traditionally Masculine Fields

The participation of women in scenarios considered for many years as atypical for them has provided the opportunity to enhance her skills by enriching and modernizing entities considered for years to train men.

Donald trump

Opinion: Donald Trump's TRUTH Threatens Society As We Know It

Former US President Donald Trump announced the launch of TRUTH social, his own social media platform

Colombia Women's team and person looking out the window

Latin America In Short: Colombia Hosts Women's Copa América and China Confined Again

China confined once again by Coronavirus outbreaks is perhaps the most relevant news of the week. This and more in our weekly summary

Queen Elizabeth II meeting with Princes Charles and William

The Challenges For the UK If There Are Changes In the British Crown

The Queen's recent visit to the hospital poses questions about the future of the UK and the British crown

Four woman in a meeting

Policy Makers of the 21st Century Must Mind Gender Inequality

According to UN Women, the economic empowerment of females improves productivity and increases economic diversification and income equality.

Documentary Biabu Chupea: A Scream in the Silence

Biabu Chupea: Rights of Embera Chami Women

Did you know that in Colombia more than 65 languages are spoken? You may also be astonished to find out that this country is the second most ethnically diverse in the Americas, after Brazil.

Juliana Barreto

Juliana Barreto, Member of the Global 100 Leaders

The young woman is an empathetic leader who with warmth and passion manages to persuade them with her fantastic ideas.

Annette taddeo

Annette Taddeo: Florida's First Latina Governor?

The Colombian woman could become the first Latina governor of Florida, one of the states with the largest number of Hispanics in the United States

Alex Saab and Luis Diaz

Latin America in Short: Extraditions to Chavista Figures and Luis Díaz in the Sights of Newcastle

This week there has been more talk about the possibility of extraditions to Chavista figures and it is official that the Colombian footballer Luis Díaz is in the sights of Newcastle United. This and more news of the week gathered here