Person casting a vote in a ballot box with the flags of Peru and Mexico

Elections in Peru and Mexico and Other News of the Week

It's Friday and our traditional summary of the week arrives

Brenda Milner, Karen Horney and Mary Ainsworth

Essential Women in the History of Psychology

Whether you study this career or are simply passionate about the human mind, you should know some of the most important women in the history of psychology.

Two friends looking at building

Sisterhood, Key to Becoming an Empowered Woman

Women in western society tend to isolate themselves and suffer in silence on many life issues.

Joe Biden and Bladimir Putin

5 keys to undertand the ballistic treaty between the US and Russia

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) are agreements between the United States and Russia to reduce their nuclear capabilities and have redefined the current international system

Woman inside a laboratory using a microscope and Tiger Woods

Laboratory Covid theory and other news of the week

It's Friday again and we bring you our summary with the most relevant in politics, environment and sports

Women in Kihnu community

Kihnu: Europe's Last "Matriarchal" Society

Did you know that there is a matriarchal society where women are in charge of everything? Discover Kihnu, a very interesting European island.

Woman riding a bike

Pandemic Has Increased Discrimination Against Women in Malawi

Women in Malawi face gender discrimination challenges that have worsened due to the COVID-19 crisis.

United States flag

How to travel and work legally in the USA?

Below we share the requirements and processes to work in the United States, quoted directly from the page of the "United States Citizenship and Immigration Services" (USCIS)

Woman looking at camera

How Convenient Is It To Demonstrate Self-Confidence?

Is it possible to learn to have more confidence in myself?

Police officers

Female Journalists Under Higher Threats but on the Front of Coverage

73% of women journalists have suffered online harassment related to their work.

Boy raising a flag of Palestine

Latin America: a historical ally of Palestine

Despite the fact that most Latin American countries recognize Palestine as a nation, total support is divided

Kevin Faulconer, Caitlyn Jenner and Arnold Schwarzenegger

California's recall election candidates look like the cast of a reality show

Faced with the possible revocation of the current governor of California, Gavin Newsom, different candidates for this electoral position have emerged

People walking in a street wearing face masks

This is how Post Covid world will be

Although we continue to experience several changes due to the pandemic, there are already some signs of what the famous "new normal" will look like

March against tax reform in Cali 2021

The strike in Colombia continues, violence in Israel and other news of the week

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