Doctor sosteniendo cubrebocas y antiséptico

Corruption: The Other Side of COVID-19

There are many cases of corruption related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya and Luis Díaz

Latin America in Short: Honduras With New President and Luis Díaz Goes to England

Honduras has a new president this week. In sports, Luis Díaz goes to England. This and more are explained and summarized here.

View of a concrete building in Morocco and a group of people riding camels

The best countries to emigrate to Africa

Although it is not usually the first option for many, the continent has several interesting countries to emigrate to. Here we present the best countries to emigrate to Africa!

Breiner David Cucuñame

Latin America in Short: Attack and Murder of Environmentalist in Colombia

Colombia is horrified after the news of the first murder of an environmentalist in Colombia so far this year. In addition, there was an attack in the department of Arauca. These and other news are summarized here.

Joe Biden giving a speech

Joe Biden: One Year In Power

A year into his term, the US president has failed to unite a deeply divided country.

radiant sun and two people wearing a mask

Latin America in Short: Heat Wave and Restricted Freedoms in the Region

This week the heat wave in Argentina and claims by Human Rights Watch that freedoms have been restricted in the region have made headlines. This and more summarized here.

Vladimir Putin

How Will The International Community Respond To Putin?

The West fears the expansionist intentions of Vladimir Putin. This is how the international community will respond to the threat posed by Russia.

Francia Márquez, environmental activist and candidate for Colombian presidency

Invisible Female Quota in the Next Presidential Elections in Colombia

With more than 40 pre-candidates, the Colombian presidential race is showing an obvious division within the country. Still, there are only two women still competing for the party's enforcement. Why is it happening?

Afro kid

There Is No Excuse for Discrimination, Even Your Hair!

Afros are sometimes labeled and have been considered unacceptable or even unprofessional. But who decided hair could be good or bad?

Image of the COVID virus

Latin America in Short: Fear Grows Due to the Omicron Variant of COVID-19

This week, the fear of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 grows in Latin America and the world. This and other news explained in our summary of the week

2022 candles with fireworks

The Best 5 Tips To Start the New Year 2022 Well

The Woman Post brings you the best way to start this New Year with good vibes and work success.

Cristina Callejas placeholder image

Cristina Callejas: "Colombians Are Tireless for What We Want and Believe"

Authenticity is the word that best defines Cristina Callejas. In addition to being a social communicator and journalist with a master's degree in development management, she found the north of her life in selfless service to her fellow women.

Persons giving a toast

Infallible Tips To Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

The purposes of our life are the fuel that moves our body daily. That's why it's very easy to set some goals for the New Year.

Group of millennials

Why Did Millennials' Life Priorities Change?

How do Millennials manage their married life compared to previous generations?