Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson: A stubborn Texan who does not agree with Trump

The Secretary of State is making his own foreign policy moves while the President's tweets at times contradict him directly 

Pope Francis: Latin America is hope

Pope Francis: Latin America is hope

The region has taken on importance not only by the number of adherents to the church but by what constitutes and shows to the world

Venezuela, regional elections

Venezuela's Government moves forward with regional elections

The former vice-president, Aristóbulo Isturiz, said that the elections will be held on October 15th

Vladimir Putin

Liberal victory in Moscow: does it affect Putin’s influence in Latin America?

A coalition of opposition parties won local council elections in the Russian capital and other major cities

Mexico, North Korea

Mexico: North Korean ambassador is not welcomed

Only four countries in Latin America continue to maintain diplomatic relations with North Korea

Conservatism and Socialist governments divide Central America

Corruption scandals may define the next presidential elections in many countries in the region.

the far-right of Germany

AfD: the rise of the far-right of Germany

AfD is populist, euro-skeptic, anti-refugee, and some even call them racist and xenophobe

Australia to vote on same-sex marriage

Australia to vote on same-sex marriage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull welcomed the ruling and urged all Australians to take part in the survey

Peaceful pilgrimage to Mecca

Peaceful pilgrimage to Mecca

After a 1-year ban, Iranian Muslims were allowed to visit the most sacred place for Islam

Taiwan appoints new premier

Taiwan appoints new premier

Lin Chuans’s resignation puts spotlight on ties with China

Vigilantes: the force against Boko Haram

Vigilantes: the force against Boko Haram

The Nigerian paramilitaries are a crucial force against the terrorist group


EU countries must accept their share of migrants

Highest court rejects requests by Hungary and Slovakia to avoid taking refugees

North Korea

North Korea: the epicenter of the world

Military tensions rise as the world responds to North Korea's nuclear threat


Kenya is close to violence due to presidential election annulment

The Kenyan Supreme Court canceled the results of the appointment of a new leader because " [it] was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution"