Person working with coca leaves

Which Drug Policies Do Consumer Countries Have?

Anti-drug policy in the countries that consume the most has evolved and seems to be heading towards decriminalization, public health, and the exploitation of new markets around drugs

Bill Cosby and Leo Messi

Latin America in short: Bill Cosby free and Messi out of Barca?

Bill Cosby is out of jail this week and Messi is running out of contract, will they renew it?

Woman with laptop

Progress and Setbacks in Women's Political Towards 2021

The data for 2021 suggest progress in the number of parliamentary political positions and governmental functions held by women, but also setbacks in terms of an increase in the number of countries with no women in government.

Three woman smiling wear white blouses

Strong Cultural Trends That Impose Clothing for Women

Why can’t women freely choose how to dress and look, without their bodies being sexualized and judged based on prejudice?

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern

Why Jacinda Ardern Is Considered a Great Political Leader?

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has come first on this year’s Fortune list of the World’s Greatest Leaders, she also figured in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in 2020.

Ebrahim raisi

Iran, Israel and the Nuclear Pact: All About The New Middle East Landscape

New governments and ancestral disputes are the ingredients of the panorama in the Middle East

COVID-19 vaccine vial

Why Has The Covax Program Failed?

Created By the WHO, The Covax Program Intended To Distribute Vaccines Against COVID-19 in An Equitable Way, But It Has Not Produced the Expected Results

Arancha Gonzalez Laya

Spain's New Policy to Increase Female Positions in Embassies

Arancha González Laya, who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs is planning the appointment of more than 30 ambassadors to fill the positions that have been opened as a result of the diplomatic missions that have been implemented by Spain.

Pedro Castillo and Sergio Ramos

Latin America in short: Peru with a possible new president and Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid

Find out about the most important news of the week in matters of politics, environment and sports

Ikram Jaoui, Jakomba Jabbie and Samaira Mehta

What Changes Do These Young Women Want for the World?

Girl activists and defenders are leading the way, for the world we all want.

Benjamin Netanyahu and the flag of Israel

Gallery: an Israel without Netanyahu

For the first time in 15 years, Israel has a new Prime Minister. Will it be a new era for the Middle East?

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

Do Not Come: Is Biden's New Immigration Policy Really That New?

Kamala Harris Has Visited Guatemala And Mexico to Consolidate Biden's Immigration Project

Atefe Mansoori, Michelle Bachelet and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Women Over 50 Fighting for Human Rights

Women who defend human rights lead collective protection for life and territory. 

Working mom

Worrying Increase in Unpaid Work for Mothers Due to the Pandemic

After a month of celebrating mothers all over the world, it is important to analyze how their role has changed during the pandemic.