Joe biden

This Is How Democrats Are Preparing For 2024

There are still 3 years to go, but Joe Biden's party is already planning the US presidential race and this is how the Democrats are preparing for 2024

Panoramic image of Tokyo

Migrating to Asia: A Continent with Better Opportunities

If your desire is to look for opportunities abroad in the East, you will be able to find some options to do so. These are the best options to emigrate to Asia

Vaccines and shield of sports Cali

Latin America in Short: Ómicron Arrives in Colombia and Deportivo Cali Goes Champion

Ómicron arrives in Colombia and with this fear grows for the new variant. Israel is already on the fourth dose of the vaccine and the climate in Europe is one of political tension. In sports, Deportivo Cali remains Colombian soccer champion. All this explained in our summary of the week

Assorted christmas ornaments

Worldwide Celebrations That We May Not Know About

The festive spirit of Christmas has a variety of celebrations around the world. All traditions have some meanings that make them different from each other.  

Patient with mask being vaccinated

Opinion: Yes To Vaccines, But Not Mandatory Vaccines

The world is now debating about the application of mandatory vaccines. However, this cannot create greater abstentionism for the application of reinforcements.

Christmas cookies

Christmas Recipes for Family Fun!

These ideas are great for children to help you at home this Christmas season.

Paula González Salas

Paula González Salas: It's Okay To Ask for Help!

To generate a moment of awakening towards the balance between well-being and being productive, we must ask ourselves if what we do is what we want.

Vladimir Putin

Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine: What Are Putin's Interests?

Tension on the border between Russia and Ukraine has escalated to the point of talk of a possible war. How far will President Putin's interests go with his neighboring nation?

Christmas celebration in Russia

Countries That Do Not Celebrate Christmas Or Celebrate It In A Very Different Way

Christmas celebrations have different meanings and customs in different parts of the world. In some countries, they do not celebrate Christmas by religion or celebrate it differently

A bottle of hemp oil with coffee beans beside and with a hemp leaf beside it.

Unexpected Merger With Colombia's Flagship Product

Coffee and CBD, derived from medical cannabis, merge their qualities in an interesting, new and delicious drink that makes palates fall in love. Today it is consumed in the United States and will soon be released in Europe.

Attack in Cúcuta and image of the virus

Latin America in Short: Terrorist Attack in Colombia and Omicron Variant Expands

This week terrorist attack in Colombia leaves three dead. On the other hand, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus continues to spread. These and other news summarized here

Winter solstice

Top 4 Winter Solstice Celebrations Worldwide

Check out where the best winter solstice ceremonies are held in 2021.

United States Congress

Opinion: The Hypocrisy Of The Summit For Democracy In The United States

Last week, the United States held the first virtual Summit for Democracy, but it seemed more like a meeting of allies of Washington

Female biologist walking through a plant nursery.

Ariene Jamile Queiroz, Conqueror of the Agricultural Sector

Taking advantage of female potential in agricultural development has been one of the greatest successes for the sector's growth by becoming agents of change, transforming food production and consumption into profitable and sustainable companies.